What Bluetooth music phone headset


Hello all,

Been doing a bit a digging on line for a decent Bluetooth headset to link up with my phone for music and calls but it’s a mine field out there!
So I thought someone else must have come across a decent cheap ish kit that the can recommend (or avoid if that’s the case!)
Looking forward to seeing what you all think....



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I bought a Freedconn tcom from Amazon a while back and it’s been pretty good for listening to music (streamed from an IPhone) ever since.
Battery life is really good and sound on the motorway is fairly decent.I did a bit of research and they got fairly good reviews based against price.There are better units out there,but for the price,I’m not complaining.
Fitting was fairly easy-you have to take the helmet padding out and the whole internal parts are well hidden.The control unit clips onto the bottom part of the outside of the helmet and is easily controlled with winter gloves on the move.
I’ve not used the phone on the move,but tested it a couple of times and it was fine.Connection is instant with Bluetooth.
There are better units out there,but for the price I’m happy!


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I use the inter phone tour, lasts all day, has fm radio as well as music and phone clear up to and a bit over 60 mph

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My mate has an interphone headset, says it's really good.

I've just pulled the trigger on the Sena headset with built in camera. Probably a bit pricier than you're looking for, but I use a helmet cam all the time and so like the idea of the two in one option.