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May 7, 2019
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I've been reading about the ECU flashes at S-Tec and Woolich etc, and wondering if anyone has used the Woolich Racing box to reflash their own bike.

Having looked more into it, it seems S-Tec simply use the Woolich tune anyway, however I can't work out from that link if the BIN file contains the actual new fueling maps or just allows the fuel maps to be adjusted, in which case you need someone like S-Tec for the map itself (which is fair enough).

I've reflashed my bikes and cars before so don't have a problem doing this myself and so just wanted to see if anyone has using this and opinions?

I like the idea of having the software and hardware myself so can make adjustments down the line.

e.g. if I decide I want it in A mode by default I can change it, or set it back if don't like it, or even set the whole ECU back to stock if wanted (when selling some buyers don't like the idea of modded ECU),

Anyway, just thought I'd see if anyone has bought the kit and if this is the complete package, or just the tools to them start tuning. I've previously used a dynojet Autotune with a PC V and to be honest it was more hassle than it was worth.
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No responses so assume no one knows (or cares ;)), but in the meantime I emailed them to ask what the situation is with it.

In case anyone in the future see's this and wants to know, the kit they sell does not include the fuel maps for the Tracer, it's only the hardware to tune the bike. You would have to buy the Autotune kit which will then allow you to work out the maps from the AFR data during testing.

I've used Autotune kits before when I had a power commander on an FZ1, and the results weren't great to be honest, so personally I'd give this a miss.
We have a bloke in Brisbane, AU that has done the 09 series flash, works very well and has a great reputation. Not much use for the UK people, but the locals are happy.