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Does anyone have any feedback on the yoshimura plate holder for the 21/22 MT09? Is there anyway to work with the stock turn signal or do you have to buy their version?
Hi everyone, just picked up my new Mt09, absolutely love it, huge change from 1200gs ! Still hoping to do some touring but hate the idea of a top box, any side case recommendations you can offer and also does anyone know if the earlier model soft side case stays fit the new version as i quite like the look and the fact that you can remove the bars when not using.
thanks in advance
Good Morning from Middlesbrough. Been a while since i had a bike, but now own a totally standard 18 plate MT09-SP and will be a regular here pestering you guys for advice and information - get used to it! ;)
Hello, my names Dante' got a 2019 Mt-09 been doing some small plug and play mods, Custom made front blinkers, fender eliminator and such. But Im hopeing you guys will beable to help me when I run into a hiccup. And vise versa.
Hi there Shark!! Welcome to the forum. Introduce yourself to the band of happy bikers!!!
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Hi guys just signed up have 2019 mt sp 09 looking forward to talking to you all maybe a ride together
Welcome Fatboy where about a are you in the world?
Hi guys.

I have an MT09 Tracer on a 2017 plate. I’ve just noticed that I have water inside the lcd display and have no ideal how it’s got in. It’s not a lot just a couple of water bubbles. Should I return it to the dealership for them to look into it??
If its still in warantee/guarantee. defo
Anyone got any ideas how to get past the Captcha thingy. Entering the words shown clearly isn't the way to do it.
Glad to join you on this Yamaha forum. Yesterday I started running-in my 2016 MT-09 Tracer. Ever so different to ride after the Suzuki 2014 DL1000 the Tracer has replaced. After 85k in just under 3 years it was time to move on.
Hi mate , can you tell me what you use to do wheel alignment ? Ive looked and the swing arm marks are the same but yea i guess thats not the most accutate !

Hi Robin, thanks for your info on my luggage question , so do you mean i will need a yamaha top box rack but then to get a givi plate?
I only got the bike yesterday and the yamaha panniers were fitted but i dont know really anything about them !

Can anyone tell me if I were to put an aftermarket exhaust on my mt09 is the power difference noticeable?
Hi Corsasri, would you mind letting me know how you fitted the mt10 handguards to your mt09? I plan on doing the same. Your tail tidy tutorial is also brilliant!
Hi marty.

Im from Holland and it seems you are the go to Guy for information about the EJK module.

I just broke in my new 2017 mt-09. Ordered the full arrow exhaust with titanium silencer (Without cat) and a K&n air filter. Also Ordered the EJK module from a local dealer.

I hope Im not bothering you with my question.
Your site doesnt seem to be working.

There is so much information on the forum that im kind a lost.

Im doing the install of the filter, exhaust and ejk myself.

Do you know the best settings on the module for my setup?
Is there anything i need to adjust on the bike itself? On injection on the bike? ( Read about 0-14 settings on stock ecu).

Any tips i need to know about?

Thank you for Reading this anyway.

Guido from Amsterdam.