1. RipGroove

    Does it need servicing?

    My '14 MT-09 had a 6000 mile service 11 months ago and it's only done 159 miles since, it's been sat in my garage the whole time. So will it want another service before the riding season?
  2. W

    A mouse ate my Tracer! (Well sort of...)

    On Friday, noticing that the bike was running lumpy at low revs with a very erratic idle, and unable to establish any obvious cause I took it off to my local Yamaha dealer to do the necessary. The diagnostics computer revealed nowt wrong so, as the guy said, "it's down to spanners and spotting...
  3. gazza

    mt09 exhaust

    mt09 exhaust for sale. new akrapovic fitted as soon as bike was purchased stock hanging in garage since £100 no 01934645438. ask for gary
  4. Locksmith

    Rear wheel nut size?

    Don't know if I've lost a socket or never had one but cant find one that fits in my garage!!!!! What size is it, the manuals don't say. EDIT: 27mm found it on the FZ site Misc. Info for FZ 09 Maintenance jobs..... We should have a page like that on here!
  5. T

    Hello from Stockholm, Sweden

    Hi, So finaly it has arrived. My gray -15 with some extras. Thanks to the forum for all info about what to put on it. Looking forward for more fun and crazy add-ons. still in the garage is a VF750C -83 And a Cbr1000f -88. Still havent driven an MT a kilometer(bought it without testdriving...
  6. C

    Winter storage tips

    As i wont be using the bike much during the winter months can anyone please give any usefull advice on storing, it will be kept in an unheated garage, i have a oxford aquatex cover but my main concern is condensation from the freeze thaw cycles , i have no power to the garage, should i use extra...