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Good Morning from Middlesbrough. Been a while since i had a bike, but now own a totally standard 18 plate MT09-SP and will be a regular here pestering you guys for advice and information - get used to it! ;)
Hello, my names Dante' got a 2019 Mt-09 been doing some small plug and play mods, Custom made front blinkers, fender eliminator and such. But Im hopeing you guys will beable to help me when I run into a hiccup. And vise versa.
Hi there Shark!! Welcome to the forum. Introduce yourself to the band of happy bikers!!!
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Hi guys just signed up have 2019 mt sp 09 looking forward to talking to you all maybe a ride together
Welcome Fatboy where about a are you in the world?
Hi guys.

I have an MT09 Tracer on a 2017 plate. I’ve just noticed that I have water inside the lcd display and have no ideal how it’s got in. It’s not a lot just a couple of water bubbles. Should I return it to the dealership for them to look into it??
If its still in warantee/guarantee. defo