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    Yamaha mt09 Ice Fluo 2019 4150miles Comes with standard exhaust and a modified standard exhaust Antigravity At7b-bs lithium battery with...
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  • Littlebruv
    Littlebruv replied to the thread Alternative forks.
    Finally...going for the full Ohlins cartridge/springs upgrade, will now be able to experience the difference
  • boro
    Thanks to everyone who has contributed with their wisdom and knowledge, but after 8 years it is time to move on and say goodbye to my mt...
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    Ballon replied to the thread Mosko pannier? SW-Motech?.
    I have the SW Motech on my 2015 bike from new. The have worn really well and have remained waterproof. They’re pretty robust evidenced...
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    Ayup! First post on here, so be gentle. I have a late 2016 registered generation 1 MT09. I found a random post online regarding...
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  • racing.mike
    Hello…first post here, hope it is the correct forums :) just bought a MT-09 2022, very enjoyable machine :) would like to fit decent...
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    J0b006 replied to the thread De-Tune.
    I asked the bloke who Dyno tuned my bike and flashed my ecu to tune the B mode on my 2016 mt09 to turn it into a ‘rain mode’. He did a...
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    Another vote for Metzeler - I use M7RRs, but I'm sure the M9s are as good if not better. And they are good in the wet, too. Oops, just...
  • DelClark
    DelClark replied to the thread Tyre choice for UK Tracer rider.
    For just general road use I would say that PR3's, Pr4's or road 5'S (my choice) would be a great . They all heat up quick and grip well...
  • DelClark
    DelClark replied to the thread Tyres.
    I had Metzeler M9RR's fitted I was going to get Road 5's but My tyre guy recommended these as I do occasional trackdays. So far they...
  • DelClark
    DelClark replied to the thread K-Tech & YSS suspension upgrade.
    YSS is good stuff, it is made by the same guy that had Whitepower. I had a unit on my old Fazer600 (y)
  • DelClark
    PR4s will be fine. They will grip ok when warmed up but may get a bit too hot though Just remember to lower the tyre pressures say...
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    Philthy1 replied to the thread 2 up riding.
    Thanks thats great, will set up and see.
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    Philthy1 replied to the thread 2 up riding.
    Yes stock standard
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    FJW reacted to bloggsy's post in the thread Tyre wear on 2020 MT09SP with Like Like.
    I've had two MT-09s and both came with Bridgestone tyres which covered 4.500 miles before needing to be changed. On the advice of...