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    I can't understand not changing the oil filter every time you change the oil as they are only a fiver that's dafter still to me,I agree...
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    Official Yamaha manual if no one as it yet
  • woodie100
    Had the embarrassing miss fortune of turning too quickly from stop at a right angle out of a car park and, before I knew it, I was...
  • woodie100
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    Hi there Shark!! Welcome to the forum. Introduce yourself to the band of happy bikers!!!
  • the cueball
    I’ve got a Honda RC51 so I’m used to decent engine braking. I find the MT is on par with that. I do have a custom ECU flash as well...
  • O
    No the engine braking is disabled, that's one of the reasons for the reflash. To be honest I think 'engine braking' is the wrong term...
  • the cueball
    Sounds good, have you put the engine braking back in?? One of the best things about the triple is that it’s pretty aggressive...
  • O
    So flashed the ECU last night and got out on it today for a test ride. The flash went fine, no issues and took around 5 minutes. I...
  • J
    top selliere seat with gel inserts front and rear, also 3cm lower only 6 months old as new, £200
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  • O
    Having researched a lot of the options of reflashing the ECU, including the usual Power Commander add-ons which I've used in the past...
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    kev replied to the thread Hi.
    Hi Shark, I've just put a pair of tyres on my 2017 bike, gone for the Battlax S21, this time, the only other thing was a starter...
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    Otters Pocket replied to the thread Hi.
    Yeah I got a bit of a shock joining a few months ago and for such a popular bike hardly anyone seems to comment. I think the likes of...
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    Hello from Australia. Its a bit quiet on the forum these days.
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    shark posted the thread Hi in Main Lobby / New Member Section.
    Hi, i am from Portugal and have MT 09 2018 and i hope to learn think about it.
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    Mathmk7 replied to the thread In the Alps again....
    Get your trottle sync you will gain alot of mpg too I was surprise myself Envoyé de mon SM-G960W en utilisant Tapatalk