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    Sat Nav mounting - Above the clocks

    Completed my idea only to have it shake and vibrate something rotten. Ordered this off eBay so fingers crossed and will report back
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    Stock Exhaust Mod

    Managed to pick up another stock exhaust in the week and completed the mod as you have. Well happy with the result, bit deeper in sound and not to loud. Bit of crackle on overrun to boot. Thanks for the info.
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    MT09 Abba Stand fitting kit for sale

    I'll take them if they'll fit the 2018 tracer gt?
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    Trading in my Tracy.......for another one

    Sounds like a good plan. Been out on mine all afternoon and can't really fault it other than the seat. But I get a sore arse sitting my sofa.
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    Sat Nav mounting - Above the clocks

    By the way, anyone want these cosmo mounts?
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    Sat Nav mounting - Above the clocks

    Got some time in the sun today so fitted the mounts. Nothing wring with the quality but what it fixes to, all plastic and goes up and down with the adjustable screen. It also stick my tomtom rider out of the side so will be open to the wind and rain blast which I don't think is a good idea. Oh...
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    Sat Nav mounting - Above the clocks

    I've ordered the one that mounts to the side to see if I can alter it. I'll keep all posted.
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    Sat Nav mounting - Above the clocks

    Hi all. Got my Tracer GT just before Xmas and haven't rode the thing yet. I'm not normally this fussy but there's just to much salt and crap on the road at the mo. I've got a tomtom and would like to get it above the clocks, anyone tried this on the newer Tracer GT?