1. F

    Frame colour code

    Anyone know the colour code for the frame (silver grey colour) or where I can get touch up? Got a scuff that’s driving me nuts :mad:
  2. M

    Engine warning light

    I joined this forum because I did a search for Euro-4 details and then saw a post advising people to put their bikes on the centre stand, spin the back wheel by putting the bike into gear and applying the brake to see if the front brake lever also affected the back brake. Murphies law kicked in...
  3. C

    Discount code Evotech

    For anyone who's interested I've just ordered a rad guard from Evotech engineering and garry very kindly gave me a 10% discount code which is EP10
  4. bikeral

    Touch Up Paint

    Hey Have the tracer in race blue since 2015. On the grey starting to see a few stone chips. Does anyone know if there are touch up pens/brush available or at the least the colour code
  5. RipGroove

    10% CODE for M&P - Expires today

    10pc-bf-300416 Register, the you MUST login, add whatever to your cart and apply discount code. Pretty sure it can be used over and over again as I've just used it twice already this morning.
  6. Fulfilled-09

    Member Discount For Evotech Goodies

    Spoke to Gary at Evotech Performance earlier, and he's kindly offered Forum members a 10% discount on all products. Simply add the discount code facebook10% at checkout. Just ordered me one of those stunning radiator guards and an aluminium chain guard...
  7. R

    Tracer Special Offer From Powerbronze

    Hi Everyone, Until midnight on June 30th 2015, Powerbronze are offering you a free Mudguard/Fender Extender when you buy one of our flip screens for your Tracer. To take advantage of this promotion, all you have to do is add a flip screen in the colour of your choice as well as an extender in...
  8. S

    Paint code Blazing orange

    Anybody know the paint code for the Blazing orange? Did a search here, and found some chatter about it a while ago, but not the actual code. Any help please :-)
  9. Davmanlop

    HELP PLS bike wont start with error code

    can anyone help me disconnected my batery as i was away for 2 months and today i connected it with a error code bike wont start
  10. M

    Evotech sale

    If your looking to order any new bits for your bike for something to do over the winter evotech are having a 10% off until the end of october just use the following code The code Oct10% until the end of the month. Evotech Performance Bike Parts