1. sweetthdevil

    Helmet Bluetooth

    Hello all, Got a BT-S2 Bluetooth, mainly to be able to listen to Waze (satnav) instructions, and occasionally taking phone calls. Trouble is that I am able to understand people correctly up to about 35 mph, up until 45mph I can just about understand. Anything above that and I just hear mumble...
  2. B

    2017 MT09 - Black +extras

    Selling my MT09 for the right price 3500 miles - but still in use so will rise Fantastic condition - some marks on the footplates from use, but that is it. First service done at Yamaha dealer Akrapovic TI exhaust (standard one available also) Yamaha Tank Bags - Small sport one and medium...
  3. razz

    one is returning

    dudes , how are ya all , flogged my mt09 last year , end of . carried on the fz1n then onto an R1 , the R1 is an amazing bike , but i`m buggered if i can comutte on it , i did try , but alas i`m a failure . so today , one popped into ones local and did the deal on a brand new matte grey abs ...