1. S

    MT09 Flat Seat with Red Stitching

    Yamaha MT 09 Super-moto style flat seat with red stitching which gives a little more comfort and a bit higher seat height. The seat gives a supermoto style riding position and a bit extra height which will benefit taller riders. I bought this Genuine Yamaha seat for my MT 09 but only used it...
  2. P

    SatNav mount & double mirror extender

    Ok, I'm a bit fussy but, who the heck can get a view to the rear using the stock mirrors on an MT09 Tracer if they are over 4'11" and have a jacket bigger than fits a 32" chest? I'm not unusually tall at 5'11" but my height seems to be mostly from my a** upward and I have 42" chest. Problem...
  3. B

    Wrist and Risers

    Went for a 2 hour ride yesterday, Sunday , although I enjoyed it, riding over the North York Moors, lots of fellow bikers doing the same, I got back and my wrists were aching like hell, especially the right one. I have standard bars at the standard height. I have no previous injury or complaint...
  4. adewood

    DIY shorty screen

    Had a mate donate on old FZ1 screen, and cut it down in various stages to get the look and more importantly the airflow right for my height...works for me ! :)
  5. Stripy

    SR seat for MT-09 2013-2016

    Hi all, As i've recently upgraded my MT to a Tracer, i have now the Street Rally seat left over, and offering it up for sale to the forum here. The seat is one year old, and to me, it is a vast improvement from the standard seat, even on long journeys. i've done Th'Alps and lately mid-Germany...
  6. M

    MT 09 Seat height

    Hi guys. Recently purchased my 2015 MT 09. I wanted to know if the seat height could be raised up abit. Any feedback would be great. Cheers.