1. duffy

    Original levers

    Sold my 2015 MT a few years ago, and just found the original levers that I had replaced. No damage at all, weren't on the bike for 1000 miles in total. £30 delivered UK mainland only.
  2. Unfazed

    Replacement levers, short or regular?

    Thinking of replacing the brake and clutch levers (must be bored or something) Anyone had experience of the short ones or best to stick to regular length?
  3. B


    does any mt09 exhaust fit rhe tracer as well also got got shorty levers off a mt10 ..will they fit
  4. S

    Whats it worth?

    Thinking of selling my 2016 tracer wondering what you all thought I should ask for it? I bought it new 8200 miles excellent condition fsh,extras Andreani fork cartridges,k-tech razor R rear shock was £1000 for those 2,zero gravity d/b screen,r&g tail tidy& rad gaurd,adjustable levers,givi rack &...
  5. Y

    MT09 Tracer For Sale - York UK

    Hello I'm looking to sell my 2015 MT09 Tracer. I've hardly ridden it since new as tend to use my other bike. It's pretty much mint. Details are as follows - Colour - Silver / Blue Milage - just over 1000 Extras - Givi screen, billet type levers, Yamaha heated grips and engine crash bars...
  6. Mobil1

    Adjustable billet Levers.

    I've added new adjustable foldable extendable brake and clutch levers. Great bit of kit. I changed to these as o needed to adjust the clutch lever in to stop my thumb falling off. They've done the trick.
  7. D

    New member

    Hello. Picked my '14 MT-09 ABS up a couple of weeks back so beers are on me! Matt grey with a few sensible mods. Factory flyscreen, Evotech rad and chain guards, tail tidy and 8"x6" plate, LED rear indicators, carbon front fender extender, billet levers, Renthal grips, RAM mount and USB socket...
  8. D

    Do after market levers viod the warranty ?

    Just checking if having after market levers would void the warranty on my MT. Just mine has developed a cam chain rattle and is going in next week to get it sorted. Just want to check if I should change the levers back to stock. Thanks
  9. loneranger

    Levers for sale

    Yamaha MT07 MT09 Brake Clutch Lever Adjustable and Folding | eBay Yamaha MT07 MT09 Brake Clutch Lever Adjustable | eBay
  10. KatanaAl


    Hi, I am picking my new Tracer up early in September, trading my MT09 in. I have had the cheapy Chinese levers fitted and they have been great. I'm sure I read somewhere on here that the AVDB levers advertised on ebay can cause problems because of the larger switch gear and I am not paying £90 a...
  11. S

    Don't get AVDB-Moto levers

    Made my purchase for my first mod to my 2 week old Tracer of some short levers from Avdb-Moto. They are well made and looked good, but they're obviously made for the standard 09. The brake levers fine, but the clutch lever hits the front of the (larger than standard 09) switch box, before it...
  12. L

    New Levers

    Hi - I have a new MT09 (in grey - the fastest colour lol) but I am having a problem with the clutch lever being too far away ..... I am thinking of getting some after market levers but want to know if the bend in them would bring the lever closer to bar ?? if they dont then no real point in...
  13. lee1980

    Evotech levers and bar-ends

    Mmmm must stop spending at Evotech lol, levers are superb compared top cheaper ones had on other bikes from chinese ebay etc, these are so solid and good price to at £110 for both is great compared to branded ASL etc. Easy to fit to though must remember to re-use sleeve from clutch pivot or one...