Aux lights blank in switchgear - available button?

Hi all,

New to the forum, recently got a 2016 Tracer 900 and so far really enjoying it.

I've noticed a few people add auxiliary lights, which I do to most of my bikes, but it's not a wiring question I have (that's the easy bit), more of a switch location.

I want something that looks a bit more 'factory' than the usual aftermarket switch on the bars, and noticed the left hand switchgear has a couple of blanks in it. A circular button blank and a long blank that looks like a slider button that could be an on/off slider and wondered if I could find a button to pop either blank to operate the aux lights off.

I thought the blanks might be used if you have factory lights fitted etc, so wondered if anyone knows if this is the case and secondly if it's possible to get a button that would work in the switchgear?



The blanks are for the cruise control in other models. Can be retrofitted though.
I just wired my driving lights to switch through high beam and they do not have an on/off switch.
Thanks will have a look into that to see if it's a possibility.

I like to keep my aux lights on a button so I can use in different conditions and more to increase being visible e.g. for filtering and poor weather conditions where you may not want full beam but a bit of extra light is a good addition.