How did you find the site.


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Oh I see. Hopefully you can test it before the first frost.
Or just buy it without test driving it! Just like I did. And no regrets so far. :)


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Found you via a google search. I had searched for MT-09 owner handbook and saw the forum in the search results. Hope to be a regular now I found you.


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Hi all, I joined a few weeks ago. I found the site when I was looking for info on the MT 09, while waiting for mine to be delivered.

I have mine now, it was delivered to me last Saturday.


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Google of course.
This site felt right from moment one!
I also visit forums in Germany and France.
Yes, every good Belgian is trilangual (woow, is this the right word? I dought it)
Love the site guys.

Del Mar

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I thought "there must be an owner's forum set up by now" and low and behold after a search, found you all...!


Google. Found while surfing tinternet for accessories in readiness for my new arrival. Should have been working but hey ho !