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Hey guys, just a reminder to please update your location on our Members map.

You never know.... you could find a new ride-out partner/friend or friends... ;)
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Yeah, wot Triple said.
I know there are lots of MTs hiding in and around London so don't be shy, stick a pin in the map with your name on it.


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just looked at this for the 1st time and turns out I ride past a fellow MT09 owner every Sunday on the way to a rideout meeting point... Tafy94


Just added myself to the member map, MT09 Tracer on order, pick up just over a week now. I live in the Netherlands in Alkmaar, a nice town about a half hour from Amsterdam.


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Eh up chaps new boy here bought a second hand 2017 t mt09 last month ish
With a few mods on it
I live in cullingworth west Yorks

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