Replacing OEM chain adjusters MT-09 Tracer


Nice job, recently replaced mine on my MT-09 with virtually the same design adjusters. In your case you are fortunate to have a center stand on your Tracer to support the bike and lift the rear wheel off the deck.
In my case I fitted 2x heavy duty "L" brackets approx 1200mm apart at high level on the wall in my garage, used a pair of small rachet type straps with plastic covered hooks, hooked around the handlebars at the widest possible point each side and pulled the bike in an upright position.
Loosened off the spindle nut, used a couple of small scissor jacks, one each side of the swingarm to just take the weight of the rear wheel, after removing the spindle nut I slid out the spindle and at the same time inserted a short length of 15mm copper tube in place of the spindle just to keep everything in place and in-line, fitted my new adjusters just as you have and replaced the spindle removing the copper tube the same time. Adjusted the chain and re-torqued the nut, job done...:)
I will leave the "L" brackets insitu for future use.