1. Locksmith

    Quiet here innit ?

    Wheres everyone gone these days?
  2. Unfazed

    What USB charger

    Hi all, been on 2 trips using the phone as GPS and been through 2 USB chargers plugged into the 12V socket. Not sure why but they seem to die after a few days. Any recommendations?
  3. S

    I.o.m 2017 deaths

    I watched Hutchy last night win another TT it was great to watch I really enjoyed it but at the end of the program they said there had been 3 deaths in the last couple of days which really put a downer on my thoughts about the tt.
  4. L

    New member - Bedford UK.

    Hi, Just ordered a 2017 MT-09 in blue from my local dealer. I'm fitting the Yamaha upper tail tidy, R+G crash bungs and a screen as soon as I get it home. Should have it in about 10 days, then it's time for me to run it in and get the first service out of the way before I head off for the TT.
  5. Flobalob

    Handle bar riser clamps

    Discovered a disaster today whilst checking my bike over i noticed one of the Allen screws poking up from the handle bar clamp!initially i thought it had come loose but on closer inspection the top half of the clamp has snapped which sent a shiver down my spine as i had been out two weeks...
  6. M

    GS to Tracer 900

    Traded in a 2013 R1200 GS for one. Picked up a nice blue 2017 model on Saturday. Its hard work sticking to 5500 rpm for the first 600 miles as the Tracer is a cracking B road blaster - only another 400 to go....! Happy days....
  7. LewFZ1

    Stock seat disaster

    This is me 70 miles into a planned days touring had to return home.
  8. J


    Hi all, I'm very new to biking (only a few months in) my first bike is a 2013 MT-09 ABS. Unfortunately due unforeseen circumstances I have been unable to ride/start the bike for a good 3 weeks. I went to start her around 4 days ago and it wouldn't start. Display screen was on and working as...
  9. Fluke

    Four days on track in Spain. Anyone interested?

    Want to know how fast you really are? Now's your chance to find out. At long last I'm taking myself off for some serious track time in sunny Spain where I can really get to explore what my MT can do. I think a load of us should do it together and show the sports bikers a thing or two at the same...
  10. Tedsshed

    New MT09 Tracker first ipressions

    I loved the look of this bike when release a few years back nearly bought one then but needed something I could cover some miles on two up, so 18 moths ago I bought a Triumph Tiger XC great bike and still have it 12000 miles later and all ready for its next adventure. Prior to the Tiger I had a...
  11. Locksmith

    Quiet in ere aint it?

    3 days without a post? I would have thought with Yamaha shifting loads of MT's this place would have more of a buzz about it by now. Is there somewhere else everyone is hanging out?
  12. R

    Hello All

    Picked up my new red Tracer from Streetbike in Halesowen on Friday. Looked at a BMW 1200GS, Triumph Tiger and Honda Crossrunner. The Tracer beat them all, and compared to the BMW price there's a saving of around £5k - enough for ohlins suspension, akro can and a 6 week trip in Europe. Have done...
  13. groundhog

    Picked mine up today !

    I picked my Tracer up today and I love it. I was a bit sad to see my XJR go, it was a great bike but it was time for a change. The Tracer ticks every box for me so happy days !!!
  14. lee1980

    Woohooo on A mode! lol

    Yesterday was one of the warmest and driest days since I got bike at beginning of year, on about 350 miles now so still breaking in but my god even under 6k in A mode its mental:eek::eek:, I didnt find it to snatchy just much more grunty and almost sounded more mean lol. I have to say I thought...
  15. flydnb

    i miss the summer

    nice warm long days.
  16. relz

    My first ever Track Day - Serres, Greece

    Israel is way advanced as far as technology goes, but really behind as far as motorized sports go. We don't have a single decent race track in the whole country! A group of Israeli's race their motorbikes in eastern Europe as part of the Romanian Superbike Championship. One of them would like...
  17. relz

    Aaaargh! Two days of rain coming up

    I just read the local weather forecast, and saw that we're expecting two consecutive days of stormy weather. This is quite rare in our region... That means I won't be able to ride my bike for two days in a row! Just thought I'd show off with the usually great riding weather we have all year...
  18. flydnb

    Anyone want to buy a titanium akrapovic.

    very good condition no scratches or marks only ridden on dry days .
  19. crotchrocket

    Spotted : Friday Night, A3 Byfleet Roundabout

    Was it anyone on here i said hello to? On a grey MT-09 at the roundabout then headed down towards Guildford? Also, i see there is a Street Rally on the main road through guildford these days. anyone on here?