1. G

    S-Tec for Flashing

    Being a new member and having read several threads on here about ECU Flashing, i wasn't too sure, I took my standard 2016 Tracer down to Simon of S-Tec in Newbury on Monday and spend a brilliant morning with Simon as he carefully dismantled my bike and then flashed my ECU. My ride back to North...
  2. Jetty

    ECU Flashing.

    Hi all - Having followed the recommendations on here, and in particular from TRIPLE TROUBLE, I feel I must further promote the ECU flashing services that he pushes on here. Last week, within 10 days of buying my '15 MT-09 Street Rally, I was booked in and on a 6 hour round trip to Berkshire for...
  3. C

    Ecu flashing

    Hi all. Has anybody seen the guy on eBay that does ecu flashing for mto9 by post for 115 pound? Is it any good seems cheap price. The name it gives is Doug bravi?
  4. tundrah

    Hi from Poole

    Hey all, had my Tracer for 3 months now and am still loving it, obviously. :) I really need the Akra exhaust system, it's way too quiet as standard. Will be investing in a new windshield first, this wind noise is doing my head in, me being 6'5" might not be helping. Really interested in the...
  5. lee1980

    Fuel Gauge accurate?

    Not had mine long done about 200 miles so far, though seem to have filled it up a few times already lol. Last time I was down to the last bar with 'E' on it not flashing and got 11 litres in, so about 3 left. When it starts flashing I think is next stage how much am i likely to have left then?
  6. C

    Help please

    Just picked the bike up from the dealers got it home tried to start it struggling to start and all 4 indicators are flashing as if hazards are on . Saw a thread about it before but cannot find it.