1. V

    Sequential LED Indicators

    Over the winter, I bought some sequential led indicators. I've also bought the led relay, and the mounting adaptors. Before I start this weekend, can anyone tell me where the indicator relay is sited please?
  2. R

    Linkage service

    MT09Tracer ‘66. Yesterday I took shock absorber and linkages off so as to grease them.everything went great. A bit fiddly but managed it OK! On inspection the linkage relay arm is getting rubbed away by the links, as shown in picture, between red dots. I think it on Right hand side.
  3. M

    LED indicators installed but permanently on???

    Hi, I am asking for help please. Today I installed a set on non oem led indicators, front and rear. I disconnected the battery negative and changed the flasher relay for an led one. The relay was fitted first and a temporary connection was made for the first LED indicator to test, it worked fine...
  4. C

    Led flasher relay

    Hi all, about to change standard turn signals for LED,s an recieved this relay with them, my question is the earth wire , where would be best to locate this ? Thanks in advance.