1. Unfazed

    What USB charger

    Hi all, been on 2 trips using the phone as GPS and been through 2 USB chargers plugged into the 12V socket. Not sure why but they seem to die after a few days. Any recommendations?
  2. Littlebruv

    Power socket

    Has anyone changed the power socket for a different make if possible i.e. KTM BMW etc, I am only bringing this up as it appears the PS on the Tracer seems more of a car type than a motorcycle one. I like to charge my sat nav from the socket rather than using the power plug behind the screen...
  3. Unfazed

    Charger socket

    So, tried using the charger socket to power my compressor, nothing..... then found out it's a 2 amp fuse! Anyway, changed the fuse vowing never to use it again for the compressor but used it for a USB charger to power my phone when using the sat nav (Calimoto app, very good!) Somewhere through...
  4. W

    Advice please

    Santa was v. generous this year with a fancy-dan TomTom sat nav. Need some advice as to the best wire to tap into for a switched live. Elektrickery is not my strong point - if i can't see it I struggle, and there's the risk of injury... ( I have the same problem with what my wife's thinking) I...
  5. I

    New bike

    Picked up new bike today. Can anyone tell me where I can pick up an ignition wire so I can connect my Zumo 660 have connected to battery at present but would like it off the ignition. Don't want use the 12v socket I want that for something else.
  6. S

    Tool for torque settings on steering head bearings

    A while back I bought a tool (socket) to torque steering head bearings on my triumph street triple and it's a really good piece of kit taking the guess work out of setting steering head bearings,I contacted turbosuzukis on eBay to see if he did one for my tracer,he does but it's under fz6 fazer...
  7. RipGroove

    I installed a USB socket to the factory auxiliary connection [PHOTO's]

    Real quick thread as I'm running late, excuse the photos too, crappy lighting in my garage! I'm probably going to get a TomTom Rider 400 SatNav so figured I'd need to power it somehow so this is what I've done. The whole thing can be completely reversed which would leave the bike with two...
  8. G

    Additional 12 volt socket wiring connector

    I want to wire my sat nav to the spare connector for the additional 12 volt accessories socket, I took the fairing parts off and found two blanked off connectors next to the existing 12 volt socket connection, is one of these blanked connectors meant for the additional 12 volt socket, thanks in...
  9. wessie

    neat 12V/5V USB socket

    Fitted this to the Tracer today but it will fit on many other bikes Combines 2 parts from Ebay, the fag socket plug (red LED showing left of clocks) is plugged into the accessory socket. The dual socket with 12V for my satnav and a 5V USB socket for my phone is clamped the the handlebar...