1. C

    Don't you just love Christmas.....

    Hi everyone, New guy here. Just closed the deal on a 2016 900 Tracer. Santa's gona have trouble getting this in my stocking :D Have a good one everybody. Cali.
  2. Jetty

    ECU Flashing.

    Hi all - Having followed the recommendations on here, and in particular from TRIPLE TROUBLE, I feel I must further promote the ECU flashing services that he pushes on here. Last week, within 10 days of buying my '15 MT-09 Street Rally, I was booked in and on a 6 hour round trip to Berkshire for...
  3. C

    Ecu flash

    Hi just registered tonight! Got mt 09 brand new this may and love it! Best fun bike I've had for some year's! Anyway am interested in getting ecu flashed. Have read on here a certain popular person called triple trouble can sort this out for me?! Don't wanna send ecu in post don't trust that...
  4. K


    OLA AMIGOS.newbie from Lancashire thanks for the ad triple trouble