Aftermarket Indicators


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I have fitted the integrated rear light and I am looking for some small led indicators I can fit in the sides of the headlight and lose the fronts completely


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Yea ive had a rear light before on my ZX10R like that.
Regarding the front they look good without indicators but when hid in the front light there very hard to see when it gets darker.
Im thinking of keeping mine in the same place but would prefer some smaller ones.


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night riding is not a worry for me as my biking is generally daytime riding and trackdays to me it's purely a token gesture .
I always stick my arm out any way must be an age thing


Was just wondering if anybody had fit some different indicators and if so which ones.
I have a rear light with integrated indicators from Lupus Lights in the States (although I believe there's a Chinese version on Ebay now) & fitted SW Motech Kobra hand guards to the front with their optional indicator kit. I'm currently having some covers machined up to fill the holes left by removing the front indicators.


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Iv got the yamaha led indicators fitted front and back in carbon

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Yes like the look of these,
Could you please post some pics showing them close up.I was wondering how they look and do they come with any covers to hide the bigger original holes etc.
Also regarding the resistors are they built into the indicators themselves or do they need to be wired inline or is there a one that plugs into the flasher relay?


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I just got the carbon "look" ones from Yamabits. Excellent delivery really quick.

I'll be doing an installation video on youtube when i get round to fitting them....not that it's hard to do just thought it might help people out

Hope you get yours soon , they look ace :)

Ive gone and done it,ordered them in Black.
Get them from here though there cheaper.
Im gunna post a link,ive bought all my stuff from this Genuine Yamaha Dealer and the VAT is already included.Just post to pay

.Yamaha LED Flashers Indicators Blinkers YME-W0789-10-00 YME-W0789-20-00