Anyone fitted a Denali Sound Bomb horn to their bike?


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I have just ordered a Denali Sound Bomb for my bike and am interested to see if anyone else has fitted one and, if so, any suggestions as to mounting points, tips and tricks, etc. Anyone???


I see the unit can be split if necessary so the compressor and the horn can be put in 2 different places on the bike, some have put the compressor under the seat

Russ Quinlan

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I gave up on mine, too big, ended up with the Piaa Twin Horns that are much easier to fit and as loud as hell !

In fact if anyone wants a one piece Sound Bomb (which I bought but never fitted) can have it for £15 plus postage.



These work a treat had fitted these to two of my bikes, scares the shit out of car drivers expecting another car not a bike.