New MT09 owner checking in


Hi all, I bought a 2016 MT09 just over a month ago. I was originally considering a new z900 or a 765 street triple R, but this MT09 popped up at a steal of a deal.

5k miles, r and g tail tidy and rear bobbins. Otherwise standard. It needs an exhaust system, the stocker is far too quiet!

My previous bikes over the last couple of years have included a 2013 street triple, zrx1200r, sv1000s and a ZX7R (my second). So I sort of new what to expect with the MT after having the triumph, gutsy and revvy at the same time.

I wasn't far wrong, except this packs far more punch, the suspension isn't quite so refined but so far I absolutely love it.

Cheers all


Here are the for sale ad photos. Not had chance to take any of my own so far.

Mods planned are as follows:

*Ordered a fly screen already, an OEM replica
*Bar end mirrors, if I can tell which ones will stay in place at speed
*Maybe some Chinese CNC levers, I like the adjustability
*Tutorial chain oiler

The expensive considerations:
*Full exhaust of some description, most tempting ATM is the carbon Akra, £707 on eBay
*Possibly in future some handling mods, Andreani cartridges and perhaps a nitron rear shock. I believe JHS near me supply and fit both.

So there we have it, any inspiration appreciated :)



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Forget the rest, just sort the suspension, if I hadn't (ZX6RR shock, K-Tech revalve/resprung) I'd have sold it, in standard form I think it's dangerous if you want to do any more than ride it like a commuter.

Having sorted the suspension it's now quite good - Chinese adjustable stubby levers work well, Yamaha and Puig flyscreens are OK but anything over 115 and you take a real battering.

Mine's a late 2015 and I can just about get on with the fuelling (stick it in B mode around town) and I'm reluctant to have it remapped for one reason - economy - it currently does over 60mpg and you need all the MPG you can get with only 14ltr between your legs.

If you want a louder exhaust, just don't wear earplugs - modified standard exhaust and remap is as good as any exhaust swap for BHP and noise.


Good to know! K tech cartridges are around £120 quid extra after you factor in new springs compared to the andreani, any one tried both?

Mine has been remapped by Yamaha I believe, it's not overly economical though. Will put a few tanks through it and see how it does on average. I get the feeling the dash over reads mpg massively.

I don't often wear ear plugs, only when I ride the Dullville to work, but I wouldn't mind a bit more noise. I was tempted to pick up a second system to hack up..
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The Akrapovic exhaust, Isn't that one for the MT-09 ?, On the Akrapovic website there's one for the MT-09 and one for the 900 Tracer


Set the sag last night and had some unusual results.

To get the static sag set between 25 and 30% of total travel, for me (70kg without gear)

It requires the rear on preload position 2 and the front with just 2mm of rings showing (6mm with the adjuster nut) .

So wound in front, backed off rear, the springs are not matched in the slightest
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I bought a 2nd hand standard exhaust from Ebay for £60, cut some internals out and had it welded back up by my local fabricator for £20. A fair bit louder, but not as loud as Akra without baffles!
Mines an original 2013 model, never been flashed, standard suspension (I weight about 75kg) and I have no issues.
Now done nearly 27000 miles on it, still looks and rides great