1. Littlebruv

    Palmer products

    Finally, I have now fitted the Palmer products screen mount and screen to my 2017 Tracer 900 The mount is not only adjustable up and down but also tilt back and forth, the screen appears to work ok as well. A few pictures added
  2. Littlebruv

    Is the Tracer 900 as good as they say

    After I joined this forum some things reported are about change. We all like to customise our bikes to our own individual needs but somethings are expensive to correct the bike's mistakes ie spluttering issues at low revs. The rider seat is a pain after 45 minutes of riding, forks too soft and...
  3. Littlebruv

    Sargent sent

    I have now fitted just the rider seat for my own comfort, fills firm but appears to do the job compared to the standard seat
  4. R

    MT09 2017 Headlight Question

    Hi, I am looking at buying this years version, but one area of concern is around the headlight at night and what appears to be a couple of people having issues with the light showing the corner. Here is one of the links: MT 09 ,FZ 09 2017problem with the lights Cheers
  5. T

    Fog lights - switch

    Hi , new here but lurked for a while. Having ridden it in the dark for the first time this morning, although the headlights are good, fog lamps would be a help especially for the many miles I do on unlit roads. Looking through this site it appears that the switch supplied with the oh so...
  6. B

    Radiator Hose

    Took my bike out of the garage today and left it on my drive on the side stand. Got the rest of my kit on and came back to the bike to find a pool of fluid below the bike. On further inspection it appears to be leaking from the bottom radiator hose on the side stand side. I tried to tighten the...