1. D

    MT-09 ABS vs Tracer Exhaust

    Would anyone know if a 2017 Tracer Exhaust will fit a 2017 MT-09 ABS. More specifically a LEOVINCE LV ONE EVO CARBON FIBER | FULL SYSTEM 3/1 - Part #: 14103E What would be the reason it might not work. could it be purely mounting points or could performance not be compatible? Many thanks in advance
  2. R

    Tracer Pro-race exhaust

    Hi All I have a Pro-race exhaust system for sale . Stainless steel construction with carbon end can .Removable baffle . No cat.Centre stand can be retained .Used but in great condition.Sounds fantastic with baffle in and truly awesome with baffle out .Looking for £450
  3. J

    What changes did I do to my bike?

    Short video showing my modifications to the bike + Akrapovic exhaust
  4. B

    coolant leak

    Ride home from work today, parked outside garage , noticed coolant leak.Expansion tank was still full, but checked the rad, it was half empty! Seems to be leaking from pipe just behind exhaust downpipes.Not been on this forum for a while , but think i remember a thread on something similar....TT...
  5. G

    New to Forum New to MT-09

    Picking up a 2017 in like a week. Those familiar with Japan know you have to wait for everything.. LOL So what do people have and what are some modifications for the bike.? Where is everyone located? I am in Yokosuka area, just south of Yokohama. I am planning on the Akra exhaust as well...
  6. B

    bits n exhaust

  7. B

    exhaust stud bolts

    anybody got torque settings for exhaust studs...new exhaust
  8. B


    does any mt09 exhaust fit rhe tracer as well also got got shorty levers off a mt10 ..will they fit
  9. gazza

    mt09 exhaust

    mt09 exhaust for sale. new akrapovic fitted as soon as bike was purchased stock hanging in garage since £100 no offers.tel 01934645438. ask for gary
  10. T

    Help needed! akrapovic race system

    Right, this isn't at all embarrassing! I had my Akra fitted last week, they insisted on leaving the baffle in. obviously I removed this as soon as I got home, I dropped the retaining screw into the exhaust. "Bother!" I thought, So started the bike with a towel behind the exhaust to catch the...
  11. R

    Pro-race exhaust

    Hi All Just had a Pro-race exhaust system fitted ! This is the first mt09 tracer they have made . I asked if they could make a system with the extra loop like the Akrapovic system but keep the centre stand . It is stainless steel with a carbon can with removable baffle. I think they have made a...
  12. M

    What setting on 2017 mt-09 with ejk, arrow and k&n

    Hi, Im from Holland and i need Some information about the EJK module. I just broke in my new 2017 mt-09. Ordered the full arrow exhaust with titanium silencer (Without cat) and a K&n air filter. Also Ordered the EJK module from a local dealer. I hope Im not bothering you with my question...
  13. C

    What akra exhaust will fit.

    Corsasri first mods. Hello guys I hope you don't mind me asking. I have just brought a 2017 mt09 and it looks like a new style akra exhaust is listed for the bike. It looks as if it has a carbon end plate. My question is will the older style akra fit the bike as I don't like the newer version...
  14. W

    Aftermarket Exhaust recommendations

    Anyone fitted an aftermarket exhaust and can you recommend anything, I would love the titanium akro but just can't justify or really afford the new price and i can't find one second hand anywhere, I know they do a cheaper carbon can version too and this is tempting, the other thing i'm trying to...
  15. adewood

    Black Widow Exhaust installed

    High level 230mm gp silencer :) Take off the link pipe, and you have the option of a low mount exhaust
  16. P

    Black Widow Exhaust

    Came across these which seem to be the most reasonably pricedafter market exhaust available for the Tracer. Not heard of them before, anyone know if they are any good?
  17. T

    Standard exhaust mod... 2nd edition

    took delivery of the new Tracer on 1st, on the 2nd we started this... Cut the top off... Removed the innards... Empty box... Original exit pipe removed and 50mm exit pipe temporarily tacked in... Next will be tacking the top back on to test fit and get the correct angle for the exit...
  18. adewood

    Black Widow Exhaust (UK) ?

    MT-09 Anyone got one of these ?
  19. B

    New Tracer 900 owner

    Picked up a nice tracer yesterday. Has a couple of nice extras on it which swayed me In the end. Love riding it and the exhaust is lovely. Any other owners down near Maidstone Kent?
  20. C

    New Tracer Owner

    Evening all, just joined after buying myself a Tracer. Middle aged lifelong biker. I have to be honest, I wasn't looking for a Tracer but started reading up on them after seeing a highish mileage (23,000) model on EBay. The reviews sounded great, and having had a few Triumph Triples over the...