1. I

    Nuber plate for sale,,,,MT09 NEW

    I am selling my private number plate MT09 NEW, ready to be put on new bike £250
  2. I

    MT09 Number plate for Sale MT09 NEW

    Hi I have my MT09 Number plate for sale MT09 NEW, its off my bike and ready to be transferred £350
  3. I

    MT09 Number Plate MT09 NEW

    Hi I have my MT09 Number plate for sale MT09 NEW, its off my bike and ready to be transfered
  4. J

    tracer wobble

    Looking for some help guys, i have a 16 plate tracer and between 100 and 130 (track days obviously ;) theres a slight wobble and just feels like the front end is ready to break away it just isnt very steady, anyone had same problem? Thanks in advance
  5. Fluke

    Ohlins fork spring question

    Evening all I stuck a pair of the lovely Ohlins springs in the front and kept the oil the same so as to change one thing at a time. I'm now ready to change the oil for something thicker. Anyone got any experience of this and any advice/tips etc. Ta much, Fluke
  6. A

    Bargain of the Month.

    My bargain Akrapovic exhaust, from fleebay, turned up today. So excited. I've removed the baffle and fitted the silencer bracket. It will be fully fitted on saturday morning. All ready fot the Yamaha Day at the Ace Cafe on sunday.
  7. j4ybee

    MT09 pre-wired 12V outlet

    Been searching the forum but havent quite found what im looking for. I have just got myself the yamaha 12v outlet that says it comes ready to suit the pre-wiring of the bike. When i opened the box however the unit comes with wiring to go straight to the battery. I thought there was a plug up...
  8. marcusfordus

    ABBA Superbike stand, inc MT-09 Adaptor

    Now I have a bike with a centre stand, this piece of bright red metal is getting in my way. Stand is in very good condition, marked from dragging around the concrete garage floor. To lift the 09 it uses one of the supplied ends, and a custom machined piece I made. Looking at their site this...