1. B

    Shad Rear carrier Rack For sale.

    Shad Rear carrier Rack For sale. Model NO: Shad YOMT95ST For 2015 -2016 only.NOT 2017 6 months old.As new. All Fitting and instructions. very Simple to Install. NOW SOLD NOTE.The Shad top plate is NOT included. This sale is for the 'arms'. When you buy your Shad top box it comes with the plate...
  2. I

    Skid plate

    Anybody fitted an engine skid plate. I'm considering either the SW-Motech or the Cosmos. Has anyone fitted either or a different one? The Cosmos seems to only come in black but am waiting confirmation if it's also in brushed aluminium.
  3. Yam MT 09

    2017 high number plate

    Hi all , has anybody with a 2017 MT 09 fitted the genuine Yamaha high number plate hanger ? is there a section of wiring that is removed that runs along the swing arm ? cheers all ;)
  4. I

    Nuber plate for sale,,,,MT09 NEW

    I am selling my private number plate MT09 NEW, ready to be put on new bike £250
  5. I

    Number Plate for Sale

    Hi I have my MT09 Number plate for sale " MT09 NEW " , its off my bike and ready to be transferred £300 Or near offer
  6. M

    Anyone any thoughts about the MT-03

    I friend of mine has found an advert for a 57 plate, 660cc, MT-03 and I wonder if anyone has any thoughts on the bike? Have you owned one and, if so, what to look out for please? Thanks for any advice.
  7. I

    MT09 Number plate for Sale MT09 NEW

    Hi I have my MT09 Number plate for sale MT09 NEW, its off my bike and ready to be transferred £350
  8. I

    MT09 Number Plate MT09 NEW

    Hi I have my MT09 Number plate for sale MT09 NEW, its off my bike and ready to be transfered
  9. Gruffalo

    Can I fit my FZ6 rack to the tracer 900

    I'm hoping that someone can help me out, I have just ordered a Tracer with a rack (standaard from the accessories page). I was wondering if any one had any experience of mounting another plate or using some kind of adaptor to make a (FZ6) yamaha top box fit it. This is the rack I have on the...
  10. C

    2017 number plate hanger.

    Another question related to the 2017 version. Would be good if the new 2017 had its own section on this forum. But here is my question on Yamaha website it shows the bike with a number plate up by the rear light. But nothing listed about it or even a Part number. So dose anyone know if it's...
  11. C

    What akra exhaust will fit.

    Corsasri first mods. Hello guys I hope you don't mind me asking. I have just brought a 2017 mt09 and it looks like a new style akra exhaust is listed for the bike. It looks as if it has a carbon end plate. My question is will the older style akra fit the bike as I don't like the newer version...
  12. L

    New 2017 mt09

    Cmc at Cannock have some of the new mt09s in the shop.Had a good look around it yesterday and fell in love with the Matt black one.I think the new style lights and radiator covers are a nice improvement over the old bike,not too sure about the number plate thing coming off the swingarm though...
  13. D

    Top box with tail tidy?

    Anyone fitted a Givi top box to their MT09? I've already got the M5 plate and box and was about to click 'buy' on the mounting kit when I realized I've taken the standard plate hanger and indicators off and fitted aftermarket parts. Am I likely to have any issues?
  14. J

    Skid plate fit akrapovic titanium

    Anybody using skid plate that fit akro titanium? Mine have sw-motech before chaging the exhaust. And after the akro install, this dont fit well...
  15. Steely

    Right side heel plate

    The stock wire hanger was bugging me. It looked redundant with an Acrapovic silencer, and stuck out far enough and low enough to catch underneath my heel every now and then. Time to make a replacement out of 4mm aluminium plate. Stock... Non-stock... It's a bit shiny, but what do you...
  16. R

    Givi topbox mount

    Hi, I've got a Givi V46 topbox that I'll want to be using at some point on the longer trips, although unfortunately they won't be all that frequent and so most of the time it'll be removed. Looking at the options, I see the Yamaha OEM luggage rack is ok and the SW-Motech one perhaps nicer...
  17. KatanaAl

    Personalised MT09 Plate For Sale

    MT09 AL'S I had this plate fitted to my MT09 and then my MT09 Tracer, it was ideal as my name is Alan and people have always called me Al. I am trading the Tracer in against a new Super Tenere. I can provide a plate for either the MT09 or the Tracer, example above. I will of course provide all...
  18. S


    Hi all I have had my tracer for just 18months and love the bike. I have noticed rust on the bracket that hold the screen and headlamp adjusters. Also rust on the bracket that holds the rear brake fluid pot and bracket that holds the number plate. Am I doing something wrong? Is anybody else...
  19. S

    Tail tidy,rad gaurds,rear huggers. Which do you recommend.

    I pick my new tracer up on thursday and plan on fitting a tail tidy rad gaurd & hugger,ive seen the R&G one £60 ish my question is can you fit a standard road legal reg plate on them without it obstructing the indicaters? On my last bike i bought evotech tail tidys etc which are very nice but...
  20. J

    Clutch plate noise in N & clutch out

    Hi guys, just wondering if anyone else has noticed the clutch plate noise when the bikes in N and clutch fully out? The noise goes away while the clutch is in. I asked the dealer at it 1000k service and they said its normal in all the MT09's... Is this so?