1. sweetthdevil

    Screen - Faco Cupolino Fume

    Hello all, Been using my Tracer daily and doing a lot of motorways - that original screen is just awful. Anyway, been searching the web for a solution and nothing seems to sort it out - and it's plain ugly as well. However, I came across the "Faco Cupolino Fume" on a french forum - no review...
  2. R

    MT09 Tracer ABS 2016

    Yamaha MT09 Tracer ABS 2016 6250 miles FSH Blue/Silver Yamaha Heated Grips Yamaha Aux Lights BSD Remap Quickshifter/Autoblipper ( Clutchless up and down gear changes ) Pro Race Exhaust/Headers Original Decat Exhaust fitted Reworked Front Forks by MCT ( re sprung oil change an internal trickery)...
  3. R6owdlad

    HPS Naked Vario Touring Screen

    Anyone got any thoughts on HPS Naked Vario Touring Screen? Not the best of looking things but does it do the job for a reasonably long distance motorway ride on an MT 09...and help the neck muscles! Any comments would be appreciated.. Cheers
  4. I

    Screen replacement

    Anyone fitted a bigger screen that doesn't get knocked by the hand guards? Have had to send a powerbronz back as the lower holes weren't aligned and the left hand guard hit the screen whereas the right one had plenty of space.
  5. Littlebruv

    Palmer products

    Finally, I have now fitted the Palmer products screen mount and screen to my 2017 Tracer 900 The mount is not only adjustable up and down but also tilt back and forth, the screen appears to work ok as well. A few pictures added
  6. B


    right want a sportier looking screen..what looks the biz and works well...right GO
  7. S

    Touring Screen

    Hi everyone, First time poster so please be gentle ;) I am looking for a touring screen which will deflect air up and over my helmet. I know there are already threads on this issue but doing my own online search I came across the attached image. There is only one image. I like the look of...
  8. B

    Puig Touring Screen and PowerBronze

    Puig Touring screen - Used for 4 months - great used condition, includes the bracket etc, no scratches. This screen completely solved my issues of wind noise, and provides amazing weather protection. Can ride at the speed limit with visor open no issues. Cost £125 Pyramid Plastics Online -...
  9. Laffli

    Speed wobble

    The speed wobble is caused by the air flow of the screen. When my tracer was standard I had a slight wobble at high speed, then I put a givi screen on and had very bad wobbles at about 120. I then fitted a steering damper and a powerbronze sports screen, then there was no wobble at any speed. I...
  10. S

    Slipscreen sports screen?

    Anyone got a slipscreen sports screen on there tracer? They are £35 inc post on eBay come in lots of colours,I don't fancy paying more than double that for a named sports screen.
  11. S

    Sports screens for tracer

    I am happy with my zero gravity d/b screen it works quite well but I like the look of the shorter sportier looking screens too,I was thinking about keeping the zero gravity screen for longer runs & touring and the shorter screen for more local runs as it's only 5 mins to change,anyone any...
  12. I

    Seat and Screen options

    I would appreciate any information from people who have changed the standard screen and or seat. Have been looking at a number of options but would like some feedback from people who have fitted these. Thanks in advance.
  13. P

    New member from East Kilbride GLASGOW

    Submitted a few technical issues before introducing myself so forgive me! Like others, I've just upgraded from an MT O7 to a full fat MT 09! Despite rejecting the MT 09 2 years ago as the journo's were claiming that the MT 07 was just so much more fun and they were right. Along comes the 2017...
  14. T

    New Screen

    Just fitted the Ermax Sport Screen today, looks tidy. Gives a good bit of protection from windblast too. Very happy with it.
  15. adewood

    DIY shorty screen

    Had a mate donate on old FZ1 screen, and cut it down in various stages to get the look and more importantly the airflow right for my for me ! :)
  16. adewood

    DIY shorty screen

    Had an old FZ1 screen donated by a good mate,and cut it down in various stages to get the look and more importantly the air flow for my height right, works well for a free mod for me :)
  17. MikeDutt5

    Cheap screen/ radiator guard

    Before I start I don't want to cheap out on the bike, but i dont want to waste money that can go towards more bits. Has anyone got a picture of this screen fitted? (ebay £29.99) Or is genuine best ? I am not bothered about wind...
  18. D

    New member from France

    Hi all, I'm English but live in the Lot et Garonne in SW France. I have just traded my UK KTM 690 Duke and bought a new Yamaha MT 09 in black. I pick it up in 2 weeks so feeling quite excited. It is coming with full Akra, black sport screen and tail tidy, as I don't like the number plate behind...
  19. Littlebruv

    Tall screen or extension

    I know the original screen on the Tracer 900 is noisy at speeds but as anyone tried a screen extension whether a clip on or screw fitting type?, I have read other members reviews about other makes of screens but as anyone fitted a Palmer products screen fitting kit with screen yet ?, my brother...
  20. M

    Tracer headshake cure.

    Hi all, new to the forums but I thought i'd share my experience with the dreaded tracer high speed wobble that some, but not all experience. I generally ride 2-up, often with luggage as we do a lot of touring and suffered problems with the factory setup resulting in a vague front end under hard...