1. Crazytown

    MT-09 v Ducati Hypermotard 939

    I am considering buying a new Hypermotard and was wondering if anyone had ridden both the MT-09 and the Ducati. I am not giving up my 2014 MT as I ride it in Singapore day in day out (will be a sad day when I will have to leave it behind though). Looking at buying the Ducati for blasting about...
  2. Gruffalo

    Happy Birthday Steve

    Happy Birthday Steve4658 , hope you had a great day ? ???????
  3. M

    New 2017 MT-09 Engine problem?

    Hi everyone, Just looking for a second opinion from any mechanical types here as I think there's something wrong with my new 2017 MT-09 AU model with Akrapovic Titanium exhaust (fitted by the dealer). From day one I've noticed the engine is quite rough\hesitant when not fully on the gas. It's...
  4. M

    Crazy iron butt style rides

    Here's the thing... Met a retired Londoner on the early morning tunnel crossing heading to Morocco, he was aiming to make Cadiz by the end of the following day after an overnight stop just past Bordeoux, that's a whopping 1327 miles according to maps. Last year we travelled on the tunnel we...
  5. Hexme


    Done a quick search on the site and found a few bits but thought I'd start off a new topic for anyone else wanting info :) After my last few bike being shafties and having used scottoilers before on chain drives, I'm seriously thinking of fitting one. So the question, has anyone fitted one...
  6. LewFZ1

    Sw France to Northern Costa Blanca trip

    Just back from a 10 day trip from were I live SW France to the Costa Blanca were I used to live. Why did I ever move away from Spain. Anyway did my best to avoid the Toll roads and Motorways. Broke the run up down and back with an overnight stop in a cheap hostel **star used €25.00...
  7. bloggsy

    2017 mt-09

    Took the 2017 MT-09 for a demo the other day it was the grey with the fluorescent wheels, it is the same as the earlier model but it has a quickshifter and a slipper clutch which are good, the engine is smoother but still has the annoying transmission whine in 2nd 4th and 6th gears which seems...
  8. A

    New guy

    Hi all just picked up my self up a lovely red 09, 6k on the clock paid £5400 Can't wait for a dry day to give it a good thrash Cheers daryl
  9. S

    Two Traceys and a Tractor do Europe

    So 6th May saw the beginning of the longest road trip for me so far. Myself and two mates, one on another Tracey and the other on his GS12000 Tractor. Absolutely amazing trip, bikes didn't skip a beat. Ferry to St Malo, across France and up and over the Vosges Mountains, breathtaking, not the...
  10. E

    CMC Chesterfield / Clay Cross Stunt & MT Day 22/05/16

    CMC Chesterfield / Clay Cross Stunt & MT Day 22/05/16, anyone going? I went last year on my 07 it was very busy but not day for nothing Just noticed this was posted further down oops:p
  11. M

    Ace cafe yamaha day

    hI people just wondered if anyone is goin this sunday the 8th to the ace cafe london yamaha day. if so might see you there
  12. fizzy

    2016 Dark side tour

    The Dark side tour is on again I am going to the MCN Peterbrough show , apparently the MT10s will be available at the venue for test rides along with the rest of the a MT range, and the Dave Coates stunt show will be performing twice a day should be a good day out:cool: click on...
  13. S

    Tour of the Alps - off road rental?

    So I've gone and done it and popped the question to my long suffering, CB1000R riding, love of my life. So begins the planning for the big day, that being the Tour de Stag de France in May!!! Or as one of my 2 companions have called it the 2016 TTT (Two Tracers and a Tractor (that being his...
  14. P

    Three days on a Tracer

    (Originally posted on the Fazer forum Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner) Two weeks ago I was in Spain on my Summer holidays and while I was there, I rented a Tracer for three days from MotoMercardo Motomercado Motorcycle rental Spain, Motorbike Rental Malaga, Motor Bike Hire, Motorverhuur Spanje Malaga in...
  15. derek28862


    Just came back from touring europe,the SR was brilliant on the twisties ,bit of a sore arse but was doing between 300 and 400 miles a Day
  16. K

    clunky gearbox

    hi everyone, took bike out today and did aprox 180 miles but noticed the gearbox seemed very clunky clanky call it what you will. now it was a hot day and still not had first service ( done only 400 miles) so am hoping it was combination of hot day with running in oil still in engine and...
  17. R

    First day out on new bike

    Good wee day out on new MT-09
  18. Coopie

    I'm in love

    Well it's official ......... I'm deffinetly in love :) The moment I came to this conclusion was mid afternoon yesterday . I started the day with infatuation and lust . Just opening the garage door would make me think how good the MT-09 is in the flesh / metal . So the sun was out and we had...
  19. Paul

    No whitty title - Hello all

    I have always been a sportsbike fanboy until 4 weeks ago when I had my first ride of the season. I should have eased myself into really, but ended up clocking 200 miles with a mate on my CBR600RR5. I didn't really enjoy it as I was aching for most of the ride after the first 20 mins. He was on...
  20. S

    Yamaha Tracer First impressions from 0 miles

    Well donned the cold weather gear and set of with heated grips set at full this morning. It was clear how good a job hand guards do as I quickly reduced the setting on heated grips as they were too warm even though it was only 3 degrees outside temperature. Well riding bike I have to say...