1. Littlebruv


    Recently fitted the Puig handguards on my 900 Tracer, very easy to fit. Been out on a long run today down towards Brighton and along to Hastings. First impressions the guards appear to help deflect some of the wind away from the cuffs of my jacket but also surprisingly I found they help cure...
  2. O

    zx6r rear shock

    Just to update, have now fitted xz6r rear shock to bike. found it rearly easy to fit . went in with a push the only things to watch out for are the starter motor and battery leads will need to be pushed out of way. What a difference to standard shock, just shows what a load of old rubbish the...
  3. Rune Jørs Larsen

    Handlebar bag

    Hi i am looking for a handlebar bag that are waterprrof and fits in to the Handlebar on the tracer. So far i have jut found this Handlebar bag "Ambato" for Yamaha MT-09 Tracer | Touratech AG But its quite expencive, Anyone have other suggestion. Rune .
  4. D

    new owner from brighton

    hellol everyone passed my bike test 2 weeks ago and went out saturday and bought an 09, wow im in love, learned on the 07 and went in to yamaha and saw the 09 and thought thats the bike for me, anyway found my 2015 bike on ebay and very happy with it, LOOKING FOR NEW BIKER FRIENDS,LOL
  5. P

    Rear Footrest Hangers

    Hi all I'm looking to lower the rear footrest to back the MT09 more passenger friendly has anyone found a solution to lowering the rear footrest?
  6. G

    Newbie saying hello

    Hello all, I am in the process of looking at swapping out my Hayabusa for a an MT 09. I was just wondering how members have found ownership as I know the reviews are very good for most of the bike but there are issues with the slow speed snatchy throttle and the suspension being a little...
  7. R

    Newbie tracer owner

    Hi Just got new tracer 900 in metallic grey Tried several different bikes (aprillia caponard. Ducati strada etc) But found this suited me Using for committing as well as hopefully touring in future once sorted seat out Appears to be common issue Anyone else found this ?
  8. O

    mt 09 parts for sale

    have got a centre stand for sale if any body interested. if came of my 14 reg mt09 with standard exhaust. it was on the bike when i bought it and found it useful.want £60 for it plus postage. am putting it on e-bay this week so if interested let me know. not sure if it is the same as tracer.
  9. O

    new boy

    hy lads just sold cb1000r for 14 plate mt09 with abs. bit worried about thottle snatch but found it not to bad. brilliant forum by the way
  10. B

    new boy

    Just a quick message to say Hi. Got my mt09 Tracer in April 2015 and still very happy with the bike. But just found this forum so gives me somewhere to browse and pick up some use full information.
  11. B

    Hi From Crewe, Cheshire.

    Hi All, Had my Tracer for a month now & just found this forum. Love the bike!
  12. BitSar

    New Aussie

    Hello All, Been lurking here over the last couple of weeks researching the 2015 MT09 ABS. I'm happy to say I've just traded my 2012 Aprilia Shiver on an MT...... 2nd gear power wheelies made it a hard bike to not love......and oh that engine.....what a peach. Anyway - thanks to all for the...
  13. B

    Hiya from Middlesbrough

    Hiya all, I'm Gavin aka (botto) from Mddlesbrough, bought a blaze orange MT09 about 3 months ago and am really enjoying this bike. Had a gsxr 750 few years back but much prefer the naked bikes and the MT was my choice after a few test rides of others. Been reading the forum for a while now and...
  14. M

    Using Motostarz from Australia

    hey guys, im looking to get a few parts for my bike and have found that motostarz carries pretty much all of them. the trouble ive found living in Aus is that everything i buy has to be from either US or UK, so i cant take advantage of any free local shipping, so i want to avoid ordering from...
  15. B

    Tracer non-standard screen adjustment for wind noise

    Hi there I'm new to the forum. Just got my new Tracer on the 20th March. Have any other owners had wind noise issues? I ordered the tall screen as an option. I found that it was causing a lot of wind noise even at low speed. If I ducked in behind, it was ok, but wasn't exactly comfortable. I...
  16. Triple Trouble

    Support for the site

    You can now support this site by clicking on this link This link can also be found on the main homepage...
  17. D

    Question: Handlebars and foot peg adjusters

    Hi, I'm looking at putting some Renthal or Pro Taper bars on my MT09, but wondering which ones would work well. My local dealer only has a few different ones in stock, and don't like buying straight off ebay as I'd like to see what the bars will look like on the bike.... who has changed them...
  18. R6owdlad

    Chain lubricant

    Just wondering what you folks preferences were as regards chain lube? I use Wurth Dry Lube and have found it ok -used it for a few years but am always open to other suggestions... Cheers
  19. MT09-Smurf

    Exhaust & MOT published 10th January 2005

    Found this on mot guidance for bikes
  20. Deep Armour Swede

    New 2015 colors!

    The first pics i found on 2015 MT-09