1. Toppie

    Frame Sliders

    Frame Sliders fitted to Tracer. 30 minute job condensed into 3 minute video. MT-09 Tracer Frame Sliders.wmv - Google Drive
  2. F

    Frame colour code

    Anyone know the colour code for the frame (silver grey colour) or where I can get touch up? Got a scuff that’s driving me nuts :mad:
  3. C

    MT09 rubber frame plugs

    Hello Does anyone know where I can get a set of the black rubber frame plugs to suit the mt09??
  4. Fluke

    MT10! Want one? Course you do

    After over an hour of hot air and uninspiring presenters we finally got what we were waiting for. I've got to say I'm so happy I wasn't sitting in the audience cos I'd have slept through the exciting bit. So, speculation over. It's an R1 engine in an MT package, well done if you guessed that...
  5. A

    Crash Protection

    What do you guys have (if any)? Obviously wanting to keep my new bike nice I am looking into getting some crash protection. I know some of you have bungs which look a good affordable option but I worry about the forces in a drop going into the frame through a single thread, and potentially...
  6. Juvecu

    Frame Sliders

    If anyone is looking for frame sliders at a decent price, I found these ones on eBay and thought'd I'd share: Crash Protectors for YAMAHA MT-09 FZ-09 FZ9 2013 - 2015 Frame Sliders / Bobbins | eBay They are made in Luthuania and judging by the picture and diagrams are of good design. You can...
  7. P

    frame issues

    Hi I have just got my bike last week and have done about 400 miles so far but I have noticed on the right hand side of the frame behind the top rear engine mount in the recess there are two black security torx headed bolts and around the front one there seems to be a crack? this could just be a...
  8. Mat Still

    Stupid frame protector!!

    Has anyone else lost the little plastic frame protector from under the seat? only held on with sticky pads! Yamaha - what a stupid friggin design :mad:
  9. T

    What model of crash bobbins for a safe and stylish bike?

    I'm looking to add a few things to my gray -15 when it arrives in about 2 weeks. It will have the LPH and a full Acra, genuine led flashers and genuine radiatorsides. Ordered a nice black radiator guard from our german friend that had a thread here.. But i also need some Crash Bobbins. New to...
  10. lee1980

    Which crash bungs/frame sliders?

    You guys got and have any been tested? A lot on market, I am leaning more towards ones that evo tech have here where a bracket bolts to the 2 frame mounts and the bung in middle rather than 2 separate like. I see Sato racing have a neat one, and engine guards to I have similar on my MT-01...
  11. flydnb

    info non mt related.

    Hi guys I have a project bike im working on an old 2002 dt 125r , anyway the rear part of the frame has rust which I have rubbed down with heavy grade paper but there is still some minor bits showing is there anyway without having to take the bike apart as in engine out and getting it...