1. N

    Rattle from front forks.

    2015 - MT 0-9 abs. I recently fitted a plastic fender extender to the front mudguard to keep the muck off the radiator, but have noticed a rattling noise which appears to come from the front forks area when riding over bumps in the road. I don't know if the noise is being amplified by the...
  2. B

    Puig Touring Screen and PowerBronze

    Puig Touring screen - Used for 4 months - great used condition, includes the bracket etc, no scratches. This screen completely solved my issues of wind noise, and provides amazing weather protection. Can ride at the speed limit with visor open no issues. Cost £125 Pyramid Plastics Online -...
  3. S

    Whistling noise

    First tripple I've had and lovin it, It runs spot on with the full Akro on it but a few people have commented on the fact that they havnt heard one with the high pitch whining/whistling noise is this normal as it runs spot on
  4. B

    Clutch noise? Only 650miles

    Hey guys I've got a 2016 mt09 with traction control and I've only done 650miles. The problem I'm getting is clutch is really noisey in neutral ! When I engage the clutch it stops. I'm looking for a fix either an upgraded clutch to eliminate this in the future or is it a fault. I have heard they...
  5. Fulfilled-09

    SP Engineering Moto GP Extreme Full System in Stainless Steel

    I fitted this full system a few days ago, and can honestly say it's truly epic. It's a awesome bit of British hand-made kit. One-piece headers and link pipe section and a stubby end can of 200mm, plus the slant-cut end piece itself. The result is a very race-inspired system, which is seriously...
  6. S

    Newbie Ayrshire Scotland

    Hey folks, had my 2014 MT09 for a couple of months now. Loving it, quick, chuckable and wheelieable, plus love the noise of a triple with a full Akra ? Came hunting for info on ECU reflash...?
  7. H

    MT-09 clutch noise

    Hi guys ! This sound is normal ?? ( The noise starts with temperature 80°c+ (before that not hear). My bike this with the same noise. It is witch 102KM (New bike) Thank you.
  8. B

    And some more...

    A four bike run to Oban and through Glencoe from last year....featuring my Tracer Engine noise version: Music version:
  9. B

    New Old Rider

    Just joined up, now I've chopped my MT-07 in for a more, ahem, grown-up machine - 2015 model with "free" Akra pipe. Picked it up from On Yer Bike on Friday. That extra cylinder and a few more cc's certainly certainly makes a big difference over the smaller bike! The riding position suits my...
  10. RipGroove

    [PHOTO's] Exhaust flames

    Post your exhaust flame photo's, because I'm bored. This was back when the bike had an EJK Fuel Controller and no Akrapovic baffle. They are frame exports from MPEG Streamclip from a video clip taken with a GoPro Hero3 Black (which explains the terrible low light noise and the super wide...
  11. J

    Clutch plate noise in N & clutch out

    Hi guys, just wondering if anyone else has noticed the clutch plate noise when the bikes in N and clutch fully out? The noise goes away while the clutch is in. I asked the dealer at it 1000k service and they said its normal in all the MT09's... Is this so?
  12. 2

    High pitched noise when ignition on

    I fitted the Yam tail tidy yesterday ( pain in the backside by the way !), question is , I now have a high pitched ( mozzy like ) noise when I switch on the ignition, it's not the fuel pump priming and stays on until I start the bike or turn it off, I'm not sure if it's always been there and I...
  13. tundrah

    Hi from Poole

    Hey all, had my Tracer for 3 months now and am still loving it, obviously. :) I really need the Akra exhaust system, it's way too quiet as standard. Will be investing in a new windshield first, this wind noise is doing my head in, me being 6'5" might not be helping. Really interested in the...
  14. jack591

    TBR s1r noise

    G'day all, So a few weeks back i got stopped and issued with an epa noise notice from a police officer. Yesterday in the mail i finally recieved the letter from the epa stating i must undertake a noise test from an approved testing station. I do still have my original exhaust which i can put on...
  15. 2

    IXIL SX1 Extreme exhaust

    anyone got one of these on there bike ? what's it like, noise etc. build quality any settings need changing ? Thanks
  16. B

    Tracer non-standard screen adjustment for wind noise

    Hi there I'm new to the forum. Just got my new Tracer on the 20th March. Have any other owners had wind noise issues? I ordered the tall screen as an option. I found that it was causing a lot of wind noise even at low speed. If I ducked in behind, it was ok, but wasn't exactly comfortable. I...
  17. D

    Clutch rattle/noise

    Hi all, I'm looking to see if anyone else is having this issue or noticed a noise coming from the clutch? On a cold startup it seems worse before the bike gets up to temperature. You can't hear it in gear only when, only when in neutral. If you pull the clutch in it goes away, release the clutch...
  18. S

    Akrapovic Titanium v Carbon

    Apart from the obviously looking different is there a lot of difference with noise and power etc. ?
  19. emptyoh9

    DB levels at Track days and Akrapovic exhausts

    This might be a stupid bunch of questions and/or in the wrong place but... I was looking at doing my first track day using my MT and most of the track days state that there's "noise" restriction. I have a few questions for those in the know... 1. How do they measure that sound, by which i mean...