1. V

    Jerky ride fixed

    The bike lately was very jerky ride. The engine was almost cutting off at times. Very unpleasent. To the point I almost crashed on a bend. I was thinking that this may be dirty injectors. I have used injector cleaners on my different cars but never was able to tell the difference before and...
  2. Gruffalo

    Ride from Nieuwegein around Nijmegen and back to Vianen, NL.

    Tracer ride NL, 8 April 2018 Took a ride on Sunday with a couple of other Tracer riders: Some great "dike" roads and even some hills (in NL) :) from Nieuwegein around Nijmegen and back to Vianen, NL. Looking forward to our next ride on 3rd June starting in Oosterhout, and hopefully we...
  3. B

    2017 MT09 - Black +extras

    Selling my MT09 for the right price 3500 miles - but still in use so will rise Fantastic condition - some marks on the footplates from use, but that is it. First service done at Yamaha dealer Akrapovic TI exhaust (standard one available also) Yamaha Tank Bags - Small sport one and medium...
  4. T

    K-tech shock

    Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone on here has fitted a K-tech Razor lite shock and if so what do you think of the ride and handling?
  5. Gruffalo

    Riding through the winter

    Do any of you guys ride through the winter what do you do to keep your baby in good condition? Unlike many other people my tracer is mainly for commuting. My commute is 45 mins mainly main road, the road is very flat (Holland :) ) with only a couple of slight bends It's very open to the wind...
  6. B

    Hi from Scotland

    Just thought I would say hi to all you fellow Tracer 900 owners, looking forward to sharing our experiences on the Yamaha, ride safe.:o
  7. X

    Questions After Test Ride - Mainly Concerning 2-up Use.

    Hello all, I'm new to the forum and have a few questions for those of you who own the 900 Tracer, particularly those who take a passenger regularly. I test rode the Tracer yesterday along with the MT10. MT10 handled great and the power was awesome but the Tracer had me giggling the entire...
  8. A

    Need some input

    Hello everyone, new to the forum and soon to be new owner of a MT Live in south Africa :) For some reason these bikes aren't as much popular here as elsewhere in the world :rolleyes: Fz09/MT09 and the fj09/MT09 tracer I'm considering those 2, 0ne of them as my next bike. Have yet to test...
  9. P

    Letter to Yamaha HQ and no reply...

    To date, I have had no reply from Yamaha HQ which smacks of poor customer relations to say the least. Dealership details withheld to protect the innocent (maybe!). 23 May 2017 Yamaha MT 09 – XXL17 XXX Dealer – XXXX......... Dear Yamaha UK, I purchased a new MT 09 on 06 May 17. It has just...
  10. kev

    newbie from Yorkshire

    Hi, got my 2017abs new last Friday so had it a week now, it's a replacement for my 2006 FZ6N that was written off 18 months ago. Been riding the 01 since then, took a bit of doing to start with as I fractured my shoulder blade and a finger in the crash. Just about back up to speed now? I live...
  11. andz

    2017 MT-09 seat....too short

    I did a search so apologies if this has been discussed. A few weeks ago I took the 2017 MT-09 for a test ride, with my wife on the back. We have been riding a 2004 FZ-6 since, well, 2004 and when we got back from the ride Mrs A said that she had crapped herself the whole ride because she felt...
  12. Sam

    New member from portugal

    Hi everyone, My name is Samuel, from Portugal. A couple of days ago I bought a brand new 2017 MT-09 (actually I'm going to pickup the bike today from the seller :D ) I traded my 2010 R1 crossplane for the MT-09. Mainly because I cannot handle the R1 anymore (my back hurts, and I mainly ride on...
  13. ib1-2

    Equipement update

    Despite being a 66 year old I still like to ride and I hope tastefully bling things up a bit. I hope its not too much. Does my bum look too big in this? Twin horns and camera Power to the USB hub Can power up to 5 items Looking back to front Always fancied a cruiser
  14. L

    Hello from Derby

    Hello I'm a new member from Derby If anyone is interested in a ride out pm me please
  15. Hexme

    Introduction - another new guy

    Good afternoon all, Just wanted to introduce myself. My names Tony, I live in Hampshire and currently own a R1200GS Adventure. I've had a problem with my hip so the big old BM has to go. I have a test ride booked for Saturday on a Tracer 9, like the looks ever since I first saw one. I've...
  16. D


    Well today I had my first ride on my 2014 MT 09 after my mods which are ,YA535 ohlins shock, andreani cartridge kit , s-tec flash, and I fitted Dunlops D212 medium front ,endurance rear , the whole package is mega it feel like it's on rails and the flash has transformed the bike , my mate said I...
  17. A

    Drag racing tips

    Hey people , I am hoping to be riding the strip at santapod on Sunday (weather dependant). Have recently had my 2016 mt09 mapped by Simon at s tec with the addition of a quick shifter. does anyone have any tips for me ? Should I use a mode as I always use it or try b to curb the throttle...
  18. bloggsy

    2017 mt-09

    Took the 2017 MT-09 for a demo the other day it was the grey with the fluorescent wheels, it is the same as the earlier model but it has a quickshifter and a slipper clutch which are good, the engine is smoother but still has the annoying transmission whine in 2nd 4th and 6th gears which seems...
  19. bumpyride

    As most if not all of you are Guys do any of your partners ride

    Hi would be interested to know if you partner rides if so what bike do they ride ? There has been an increase of new and returning riders here in QLD and nice to see a few females amongst them. Its also good to see the rise in rider respect it wasnt great before compared to the UK. Didnt...
  20. H

    Transform bike handling for £36 - yes really

    Posting this message to share the deal of the century I received at Steve Jordan motorcycles in Leatherhead. Hopefully other MT09 riders can benefit. Mine is the Tracer and it just felt too 'hard' out of the box (oo er vicar)... Steve Jordan's place is well known in the south for excellent race...