1. UnluckySlats

    Engine oil

    What oil recommendations do we have for the MT09 Sp mine is due it’s service shortly so I want to see what everyone else is using.
  2. RipGroove

    Does it need servicing?

    My '14 MT-09 had a 6000 mile service 11 months ago and it's only done 159 miles since, it's been sat in my garage the whole time. So will it want another service before the riding season?
  3. P

    Front Forks oil level MT-09 2017

    What's the fork oil level for right and left legs? Anyone with a service manual for the 2017 models? thanks
  4. T

    Service book

    Quick question lads, did ye get a seperate service book to be stamped along with the owners manual? I just seem to have the owners manual, but nowhere to get it stamped at service.
  5. B

    24000 mile service

    Hi just had my MT09 TRACER a 24000 mile service and 5 valves needed to be re shimmed,so total cost was £565.00. expensive , never paid as much for any of my cars !!:cool:
  6. C

    Mileages on your Tracer?

    Just wondering what sort of mileages members have on their bikes. My 2015's got 23,500, just coming up for a big service. How about yours?
  7. UnluckySlats


    Service is due on bike so I was just wondering now bike is 3 years old and out of warranty what spark plugs and oil filter would you recommend Cheers
  8. M

    Old Boy (great movie) Newbie to site

    Hello fellow MT-aniacs, had mine for a year now, love it, the rawness of it's power, the roar of it's Akrapovic from tick over to 137mph, it keeps this old bugga as happy as his two stroke teenage days. Has taken me on some long European trips and many a Sunday blast. Now needing a service and...
  9. A

    600 miles or 6 weeks service????????????

    Hi everyone I knew that my mt had to be serviced at 600 miles but i have just noticed in my service book that it says 600 miles or 6 weeks .I have had her about 9 weeks now and only done 130 miles because the weathers been shite everytime i am off work. and an oil change with so few miles doesnt...
  10. S

    Late First Service

    First "free" service is meant to be taken at 600 miles or 6 weeks. Well that six weeks was up in October, and it hasnt stopped raining for more than a day since, for me to get past the current 450 mile mark I dont do wet or cold weather riding out of choice. (but on writing that I am recalling...
  11. stevecbr

    12000 mile service

    Spoke to my dealer today, he quoted £185 for 12000 mile service, so same price as 6000 mile service. Just wondered if they changed plugs at this one, I have checked my handbook and it says they are replaced. I am also wondering on servicing it my self now, it will be 2 years old in a couple of...
  12. Banksy

    24k service

    Anyone know roughly what this is likely to cost?? Just wondering if I need to start saving for it now lol.. At 14k now.. 18k is a small service I think..
  13. T

    Now you know.

    The sun is shining,farkles are mounted and I now have the service manual. Aaah,life is good. Now you know. :cool:
  14. M

    MT-09 Tracer - Service 'light' resetting

    Hi all Newbie here with first post and all that - please be gentle! MT-09 Tracer is the current fave on my shortlist of bikes to buy. When the salesman was giving me a tour of the dash / trip computer he mentioned it features a service reminder / mileage countdown thingy like you get in most...
  15. Banksy

    12k service

    Just a quick one guys... What have you been paying for a 12k service at your dealers? Got quoted £260 today.. Is that a bit steep? Thought it was just oil, filter and plugs at the 12k?? Cheers...
  16. D

    how much are you paying for 600 mile service?

    I have booked my bike in for its 600 mile service in a couple of weeks and was told it will be around £140. My reply was WTF £140 for a change of oil ffs.
  17. bungster01

    Engine rattle

    Hi all, I have noticed that I have an engine rattle between 2 and 3000 rpm, anyone else heard this?? Will mention it to dealer next Monday during service and defect rectification but am expecting 'that's a characteristic of the bike' reply. Any thoughts would be appreciated
  18. N

    Gear box recall

    Just had recall conformation for my tracer .. Booked in for first service same they replace engine oil with recall repairs...!!!!!! and if so will cancel the £120.00
  19. C

    First Oil change of my MT-09 @450KM'S (Late I know)

    Just a video of what the oil looked like coming out of my sump today when I drained the oil for the first time, I was a bit iffy as to why I would drain the oil before its first service as the owners manual and the dealer both say to get its first at 1000k's but I implore everyone to change...
  20. H

    My new MT09

    Picked it up today, Akrapovic exhaust is on order at the dealer so I'll wait til the first service and have it fitted then. Fitted a Puiggi screen and R&G tail tidy as soon as I got it home. :)