1. K

    Denali Sound Bomb Installation

    I thought that some of you might be interested in my sound bomb installation if you (like me) believe that the standard horn is rather pathetic. This is the split Sound Bomb fitted to SW Motech protection bars and is a very easy fit and I think looks quite tidy in the end. What do you think? By...
  2. O

    zx6r rear shock

    Just to update, have now fitted xz6r rear shock to bike. found it rearly easy to fit . went in with a push the only things to watch out for are the starter motor and battery leads will need to be pushed out of way. What a difference to standard shock, just shows what a load of old rubbish the...
  3. Nick The Car Guy

    Every 2016 model MT09 is an ABS model???

    Hello, As you can probably tell I'm a full-blown newbie to this forum, and to the MT-09. I've wanted one for years but am finally setting out to purchase one. I was told by the dealership that all 2016 and onwards models come standard with ABS, as I do a lot of daily riding in rain and on...
  4. N

    Uncomfortable MT0-9 Standard Seat.

    Has anyone found a solution to the uncomfortable standard MT0-9 seat (2015 model), I get bum ache after only 50 miles max. I have spoken to my Yamaha dealer and they agree the comfort seat sold by Yamaha is no better than the standard seat and is a waste of over £200.
  5. K

    Modified Standard Exhaust System.

    My effort at modifying the standard mt-09 exhaust system, incentive taken from Toastedblue's excellent effort on the Tracer Modified section. First off I bought a very low mileage system off eBay, for two reasons first off I wanted to keep my standard system intact, and secondly I wanted also...
  6. Littlebruv

    Sargent sent

    I have now fitted just the rider seat for my own comfort, fills firm but appears to do the job compared to the standard seat
  7. B

    Wrist and Risers

    Went for a 2 hour ride yesterday, Sunday , although I enjoyed it, riding over the North York Moors, lots of fellow bikers doing the same, I got back and my wrists were aching like hell, especially the right one. I have standard bars at the standard height. I have no previous injury or complaint...
  8. T

    Standard exhaust mod... 2nd edition

    took delivery of the new Tracer on 1st, on the 2nd we started this... Cut the top off... Removed the innards... Empty box... Original exit pipe removed and 50mm exit pipe temporarily tacked in... Next will be tacking the top back on to test fit and get the correct angle for the exit...
  9. B

    Standard exhaust

    Hi guys , anyone selling a standard exhaust for mt 09 ? Thanks .
  10. scotscoot09

    MT09 for sale

    selling my MT09 63plate with 16000 miles has had a lot of money spent and is now a very comfortable , fast and fun bike to ride. far better than standard. the following improvements / additions have been made. -Andreani fork cartridges (fully adjustable) -Ohlins rear shock absorber (fully...
  11. T


    I no longer have the MT so if anyone wants my modified standard exhaust... it's looking ropy and needs a bloody good clean and polish, it's also bare metal now as I took the paint off. see this post for details and photos Dyno run... 1st with...
  12. Hunter

    New standard seat for sale

    New standard seat including toolkit. $200.00 AUS I bought 5 of these a while ago to have re-trimmed, have this one left. Located in Perth Western Australia, willing to post at buyers expense.
  13. scotscoot09

    Help required.

    Hi guys. Looking to try and source a couple of items. I need a complete standard exhaust system, figures some of you guys have changed to aftermarket systems , would you be interested in parting with yer old bits. Also need a standard tail unit. Probe the first thing most guys change on...
  14. Yam MT 09

    free standard exhaust

    hello everybody , I know that there are millions of these floating about and some people probably think that the standard exhausts are wank but I have one that I want to give away because I need the space , it is as new , took off the bike before it was ever started , I might be able to deliver...
  15. stevecbr

    Modifying a standard MT09 exhaust

    Finally managed to modify my standard exhaust. Bought one of Ebay for £62, cut the top of it and removed some internal pipework. Had a local fabricator reweld it back on for £20 Took about an hour to remove my original and refit my modified one I did a sound test before and after with my a...
  16. A

    MT09 Mapping

    Hi there, Im new to the forum and i have just had a fair bit of work done to my bike, i was just interested in what sort of power people have got out of these bikes. Mine as standard made 96BHP at the rear wheel as standard. After a LOT of time looking at the fly by wire and fuelling maps we...
  17. M

    The joy of short screens....

    Fed up with noise and buffeting available as standard,I have Just fitted the short Powerbronze screen. I am not a fan of big screens, and will save the standard one for the winter. Anyway, I went out for a run last night and crikey! what a difference!! I'm 5ft 7 and find the standard screen...
  18. Fluke

    Like a pogo stick on steroids! Help wanted please.

    I exaggerate a bit of course but... Since putting Ohlins springs in my otherwise completely standard forks, with standard ten weight oil, my front forks are stiffer but a bit bouncy. What I mean is they compress and rebound a bit quickly. My mechanic suggested a heavier fork oil but I wanted to...
  19. P

    Comfort seat

    Ordered a comfort seat set for the Tracer, received it last night and stuck them on. First impressions are that the seat is a lot firmer. I previously had my standard seat on the higher of the two settings, but with the comfort seat it felt like I was sitting on a hard cushion on my standard...
  20. derek28862

    standard parts

    what is everyone doing with there standard front fork internals,rear shock etc,?