1. Unfazed

    Tail pack for Tracer

    HI all, I know there are many tail packs out there but does anyone use a tail pack that fits well on the back? All I need it for is a few bits for work and enough room for a couple of bottles of wine (!) Kriega looks good but bloody expensive for what it is. All suggestions welcome.
  2. L

    SW Motech Rear Rack

    Hi - just wondering if anyone has fitted an SW Motech rear rack - 2 side bars and top plate style - to their bike with a tail tidy ?? Trying to fit one but it seems that the bar hits the top of the tail tidy ... If anyone has could they tell me which tail tidy they have used please
  3. bumpyride

    New seat and tail light

    After being fobbed off that i couldnt fit a 2017 MT 09 comfort seat to my 2016 model by the Y-shop, Managed to get one from else where. All good fits just as bad as the original ( a bit loose) but looks heaps better, a tad higher and slightly wider, felt weird to begin with but its a big...
  4. P

    Cheers from Greece.

    Cheers from Greece. MT-09 2017 Hey! My name is Panos and i live in Greece. Last month i bought a brand new 2017 MT09 in tech black and i'm really in love with it. Before i was riding an MT07 ABS. Mods already done: Akrapovic Ti 2017 (with the removed db killer) Yamaha led plus front and rear...
  5. C

    2017 MT09 Yamaha tail tidy. Tutorial.

    Today I fitted the genuine Yamaha tail tidy part number. BS2-F16E0-00 The instructions where good for the easy parts but could have done with a few words in places. I started buy building it first to make sure it all looked right. After I was happy I started to remove the parts from the bike...
  6. Hexme

    Tail Tidy...

    Been looking at the pictures of my new bike, the more I look at the back end the more I think a tail tidy would suit.... Looking back on a few posts I see some owners have fitted the R&G tail tidy, is this the only one available? Is it a quality item? Appreciate your thoughts Tony
  7. Yam MT 09

    yamaha genuine tail tidy

    hello everyone , I know it's a bit boring but has anyone fitted the genuine Yamaha tail tidy / number plate hanger ? I am trying to find out if it is shorter that the standard one or the same length , if it is shorter could you tell me by how much please . thank you to all in advance , cheers . ;)
  8. Jetty

    Modding tail light...

    Hi - Has anyone modified their tail light in favour of an after market one or the 2017 one? The previous looks like it was fitted as an after thought...
  9. S

    New and need help

    Hi all new to forum live in England, I'm after some help. I got an sport tracker (Not everyones favourite model) with the high level Akrapovic exhaust on it, I'm after a tail tidy for it any recommendations or advice where to get one. the normal ones don't fit due to the exhaust
  10. scotscoot09

    Help required.

    Hi guys. Looking to try and source a couple of items. I need a complete standard exhaust system, figures some of you guys have changed to aftermarket systems , would you be interested in parting with yer old bits. Also need a standard tail unit. Probe the first thing most guys change on...
  11. S

    Tail tidy,rad gaurds,rear huggers. Which do you recommend.

    I pick my new tracer up on thursday and plan on fitting a tail tidy rad gaurd & hugger,ive seen the R&G one £60 ish my question is can you fit a standard road legal reg plate on them without it obstructing the indicaters? On my last bike i bought evotech tail tidys etc which are very nice but...
  12. Steely

    Yamaha soft panniers with tail tidy?

    Has anyone done this? The Yam system looks neat, with its QD rails, but I'm wondering whether the bags will foul the rear indicators with a tail tidy fitted. Or do they sit wide enough apart to miss? I can't find any pics from above or from the rear to be able to judge. Experience / opinions?
  13. A

    kriega bags

    thought just show great set up with kriega tail bags.
  14. E

    northen newby

    Hi guys just thought id join you forum for a chat and some info. had my 09 for a while i work away a lot so not many miles on it .got it with the akro on and put a tail tidy on and a puig screen ( best thing ever ) just took cat out and put emulator in haven't had time to try it yet ...
  15. J

    S moto tail tidy

    Has anyone installed this tail tidy? In the ebay ad it said it uses the Yamaha lock cover. Anyone know how to fit it? It looks impossible.
  16. P

    Tail tidy using stock plate holder

    Hi. First post on here having just ordered a Tracer in race blue. Hopefully picking up in a couple of weeks. I noticed in the showroom there was a slightly used bike with a tail tidy, however it looked like it was made using the stock holder but just removed the "stem". Anyone else done...
  17. A

    Tail tidy question.

    Bought an r&g tail tidy. Should the indicators have spacers ? My standard indicators fit into the bracket, but wobble a bit. Thanks
  18. N

    New tail light looks amazing

    Just purchased off eBay fitted in 2 seconds lol and looks cool
  19. Deadhead

    Race Blu MT09 ABS picked up today

    Chopped in my MT-07.......Great bike the MT-07 just preferred the MT-09 after a days riding on one. Got a few extra... Yamaha tail tidy Yamaha grills/mesh (blue) R & G radiator guard Yamaha Radiator covers Evotech levers Ohlins suspension upgrade (rear shock and front springs) Akrapovic exhaust...
  20. Fluke

    Integrated tail light. Fitted at last!

    After much procrastinating I finally went ahead and ordered and integrated tail light from eBay. It's made by a company called Tuner x and because they are based near Vancouver, I thought to myself, at least it's not going to be some cheap Chinese nonsense. However, I've a feeling there's one...