1. R

    Front fork mods

    It's that time of year to get some modifications done and I'm think front forks (I have a ZX6RR rear shock fitted). Has anyone fitted K-Tech's springs, valve kit and compression adjusters? did you do it yourself? if not, who fitted them? what oil and weight? And what's your verdict on the...
  2. N

    Rattle from front forks.

    2015 - MT 0-9 abs. I recently fitted a plastic fender extender to the front mudguard to keep the muck off the radiator, but have noticed a rattling noise which appears to come from the front forks area when riding over bumps in the road. I don't know if the noise is being amplified by the...
  3. I

    Suspension adjustment

    Finally got round to adjusting suspension. The front bounced around under braking so I had a look at adjusting front and rear. Best setup for me weighing 12st 11lbs, Front compression 6mm and rebound one click in from maximum, rear compression number 6 and rebound half a turn out. It stiffened...
  4. D

    Front Brakes

    The front brakes on the tracer always felt a bit spongy and didn't really inspire.. At all! I could easily pull the lever almost all the way in to the grip on all but the widest setting.. Being a new bike I never really though much of it, they worked well enough to bring it to a halt quick sharp...
  5. gotoGaz

    Movement in front end when slowing down/stopping.

    Hi, I'm on my 6th Yamaha ;) I love them. Decided to get rid of my MT 07 and get the MT 09 Tracer. I've had it a good few months but recently I've noticed when slowing down and coming to a stop the front end becomes wobbly and as you come to a stop it feels like the handlebars are tilting...
  6. M

    Tracer front disc query ?

    Hi there, got a hopefully simple question for the Forum, are the Tracer front discs "handed" or are they both identical ? Thanks for your help, cheers, Mike
  7. johnb09

    Help - Front wheel judder

    New to an MT09... had a bandit before Bought a 15 plate MT09 NON-ABS done 1300 miles I have now clocked up to 2900 Tyres seem ok brakes in good condition The 1st time i braked hard on the front end it juddered on the front wheel.... I thought it may be the ABS but looking at my mates with ABS it...
  8. P

    Cheers from Greece.

    Cheers from Greece. MT-09 2017 Hey! My name is Panos and i live in Greece. Last month i bought a brand new 2017 MT09 in tech black and i'm really in love with it. Before i was riding an MT07 ABS. Mods already done: Akrapovic Ti 2017 (with the removed db killer) Yamaha led plus front and rear...
  9. R

    Pilot road 4

    Hi all This may sound a bit strange but has anyone had a bad experience with the pr4s? I fitted a pair just before I had the suspension upgraded by MCT who reworked the forks and fitted a nitron r1 rear shock. Initially I ran them at 36/36 psi , I have steadily decreased the pressure to 30/32...
  10. W


    Been away from bikes for a while (6yrs) anyway got myself an MT09 in October, mine came with Dunlop sport max on it and I've not had any issues but not overly convinced with wet weather performance. What have people used ? My favorites in the past were a Bridgestone 010 front 020 rear but...
  11. L

    New 2017 mt09

    Cmc at Cannock have some of the new mt09s in the shop.Had a good look around it yesterday and fell in love with the Matt black one.I think the new style lights and radiator covers are a nice improvement over the old bike,not too sure about the number plate thing coming off the swingarm though...
  12. LewFZ1

    Cleaned chain today

    Nothing strange about cleaning the chain. I had a good go at it today removed the front sprocket cover for the first time since I owned the bike. I run with a Tutoro oiler which is a great bit of kit.I was amazed though at the amount of oily residue around the front sprocket and engine casings...
  13. D

    New member

    Hello. Picked my '14 MT-09 ABS up a couple of weeks back so beers are on me! Matt grey with a few sensible mods. Factory flyscreen, Evotech rad and chain guards, tail tidy and 8"x6" plate, LED rear indicators, carbon front fender extender, billet levers, Renthal grips, RAM mount and USB socket...
  14. V

    new MT09 2017 video Intermot

    for some reason I like it, even the front LOL Should have kept the front indicators higher though on 2017 indicators seem placed very awkward.
  15. atomic

    New MT09 2017

    Nouveauté 2017 : Yamaha MT-09 - Intermot 2016 Like rear end( without rear FENDER :( ) and side panels. Front lights have to see in live...
  16. Soapy

    We are both a bit Sore

    Didn’t get very far with my run today! Car pulled out in front of me at the Toll of Burness Junction just a couple miles North of Ellon (Aberdeenshire) Nearly got round him. Saw the two cars in front of him pull out so I backed off and sure enough he pulled out and once he saw me, stopped in...
  17. J

    tracer wobble

    Looking for some help guys, i have a 16 plate tracer and between 100 and 130 (track days obviously ;) theres a slight wobble and just feels like the front end is ready to break away it just isnt very steady, anyone had same problem? Thanks in advance
  18. the cueball

    Hello from Glasgow

    Thought I would pop in and say hello... I picked myself up a 2016 MT09 a few months back... Changes so far include: Yamaha fly screen Akra titanium exhaust (baffle has fell out officer) suspension update/sort with Ohlins rear damper on order (done at ES Racing up in Knockhill race track...
  19. M

    Standard Indicators MT-09 or Tracer For Sale

    Standard Indicators for MT-09 or Tracer For Sale Good condition, not damaged but wire connectors have been removed. However, inner assembly can be transplanted along with wiring if you have damaged bodies. No lens on one unit. £12 for the pair posted.
  20. P

    Hyperpro front and rear Spring kit for sale

    As the title says I have a hyperpro front and rear Spring kit to fit the Tracer for sale, I had them fitted to the bike less than 200 miles ago but have now part exchanged it for an MT-10 so no use to me anymore! These kits really do transform the ride and handling and are well worth the money...