1. barton

    quick action throttle

    did a search but can find what im after,The throttle tube on the 2014 mt09 is 38MM diameter. As anyone swapped the throttle tube over form another Yamaha model to get a reduced turn. Seen some one using R6 tube on the MT07. I have seen active do a qat with a 44mm diameter tube but dont want to...
  2. B

    No Throttle Response on Start-up

    A while ago I got the bike out in the morning and started it up (which it did fine), but then when I opened the throttle it just sat at tickover. So I did what anyone who's worked with computers would do - turned it off and then on again. Success - phew! It hasn't done it since. The only...
  3. Jetty

    Latest ECU Map.

    Hi - Just to ram it home...I had another re-map for my '15 Street Rally from Simon last week before a few days zipping around Wales. This has transformed my bike entirely. Up until then, I hated the snatchy throttle at closed to open, so rode around in B mode mostly, switching to STD or A only...
  4. barton

    hi from south wales

    Picked up a 14 plate mt09, First impressions A mode violent and suspension as less damping control then a space hopper. Got K-Tech kit going on shortly. Whats the score with the throttle abruptness. I got 15 R1 and people think they have a snappy throttle they should try one of these. I have...
  5. G

    KAOKO Throttle Stabilizer...Cruise Controller

    KAOKO Throttle Stabilizer...Cruise Controller Does anyone have one of these fitted to their Tracer and are they any good. Kaoko Throttle Stabilizer for the Yamaha Tracer MT09 and FJ-09 (2014-2015) both with OEM hand guards. - See more at...
  6. G

    KAOKO Throttle Stabilizer...Cruise Controller

    Sorry wrong Forum "DOH"
  7. J

    ECU Flash

    I love the engine on the Tracer but I know because of EU emissions laws the poor thing is being strangled, and a recent 1600 mile trip down to the French Pyrenees just confirmed this. On the slow twisty mountain passes in low gear the engine felt as if it was constantly "searching" and not...
  8. relz

    AFR and TPS logging problem - need help from tuning gurus

    Hi, I've got myself one of the FlashTune kits and want to tune my TPS/RPM table, but have run into an issue when logging the data. The problem is that the TPS seems to have a lag, such that when I open the accelerator the TPS takes it's time to rise to the designated value, and while the TPS...
  9. O

    My mods done

    just finished my mods this week,wilbers front an back ,they are very nice had wilbers on my 6 last bikes,billet riser 21mm up and 21mm closer to the driver,,I am thinking of installing a new gear in front when first chain is gone +one tooth ,I realy dosent like the throttle mapping a is usless...
  10. F

    Help rain causing big problems!

    :confused: Guys, I am very new to the world of biking (3 Months) and if I am honest I'm not even slightly mechanically minded. Apart from the standard basic checks like oil chain tyres etc I generally get quite lost. My first bike is a 2013 MT 09 and I must say I love it. I use the bike to...
  11. KatanaAl

    Throttle Problems

    Having problems with the throttle on my Tracer, closed throttle yesterday it was ticking over at 4000rpm, nearly crashed last Friday on a slow right hander after I braked from about 80mph, thought I was just being ham fisted with the throttle, but after over 40 years experience I am not ham...
  12. razz

    2014 vrs 16

    Hello everyone , she's now past 600 miles , and I feel I can now say that the new Yamaha map feels much softer / tamer than my original bike . No throttle tamer required either . The standard exhaust is very restrictive , the high level akrapovic with baffle definatly lets her breath more easy ...
  13. jay86jay

    engine cut out

    brought my mt last year brand new. after about a month it kept cutting out. at first i put it down to my own in experience but it started to happen a lot when coming to a stop even if i was fully clutched in. i sent it back and a week later they still thought nothing was wrong with it and had...
  14. Keechy

    Cruise control

    Hi all, does anybody know of a electronic cruise control thats compatible with the Tracer or is the only option the plastic/rubber things that slide over the throttle grip. Desperate to get some form of control as right hand goes numb on long journeys. Many thanks.
  15. D


    Hi all, just joined, i looked at this forum back in June, before i bought my mt09 sr abs, I read all about it and still bought one, i read about the flash's etc,I have done about 1600 miles on it now and it is a fun bike, tank range is a bit limiting but there are plenty of petrol stations...
  16. C

    A Mode

    I have had my 09 for over a year now and I am slowly getting it to a great bike, so far the suspension has been changed to Ohlin’s rear and Andreani front cartridges and all set up by FTR Suspension. H & M quick shifter, a great sounding Leo Vinci full exhaust, and Pirelli Supercorsa’s. The...
  17. S

    New member saying hi

    Hello folks, I'm Matt from Doncaster UK and at the moment I ride a Street Triple R, but it's not the most comfortable of things on longer rides and a recent 4 day weekend pointed out that it is pretty limited for carrying luggage or a pillion. Both together means the pillion wears a rucksack. I...
  18. Luke_Price

    Hello from Costa Del Cymru!

    Hello to you all. If it wasn't that hard to notice, my name's Luke :cool: I recently picked up a 2015 MT-09 in Deep Armour with the Akro Ti can (AMAZING btw). I live in South Wales and I'm currently running the bike in, only 150 miles to go :D I can't wait to give it the beans! This thing feels...
  19. TommyM

    Heavy throttle spring

    Has anyone else noticed that the MT09 throttle is quite a heavy pull? This is separate to the snatch (which doesn't bother me) but I find I'm gripping the throttle quite hard which gets annoying. I've fitted stickier grips but wondered if it will ease up with more miles? It's done 2000 so far...
  20. emptyoh9

    Rich/Si flash

    I have just got back home from getting my MT flashed by Simon. What can i say other than it's awesome. Best £200 i've spent on the bike so far, this is how the bike should have left the factory. It was a quick and painless process. I'm writing this as a complete novice in relation to ECU...