1. O

    Left hand fork leg with rebound damping

    Has any one put right hand fork internals in left hand leg. So as to have two rebound adjusters. If so were they any good
  2. M

    Suspension options UK

    Hey, I have spent the last couple of weeks investigating suspension options for our bikes, mine is a 2016 MT09. pricing seems to have changed a lot since most of the threads were made so I thought I would update my current findings as of this week. So, I contacted a few different suppliers...
  3. R

    Fork cartridges and rear shock

    Fork cartridges and rear shock - £75 incl. carriage Pair of fork cartridges from a 2015 Tracer 900 (to enable a second rebound damper cartridge to be fitted) - £35 including UK mainland carriage. Tracer 900 rear shock (1000 miles) - £35 including UK mainland carriage. £65 for both including...
  4. P

    Front Forks oil level MT-09 2017

    What's the fork oil level for right and left legs? Anyone with a service manual for the 2017 models? thanks
  5. S

    Tracer Fork Oil

    Evening All I have just been trying to change the fork oil on my Tracer. Starting with the right hand leg the manual states 431 ml of oil should equate height of 175 mm. As I did not completely strip the fork just removed the cap, spacer and spring I knew it would not take the full 431 ml. I...
  6. H

    Stock fork oil on MT-09, what SAE number?

    Hi, do you know somone what SAE number fork oil is original(stock) in MT-09 forks? I have made 2 right cartridges modification with Hyperpro progresive springs and put in 10W Motul fork oil factory line with 145mm oil level and i think it is too heavy? So do you know what is the number of...
  7. J

    WANTED: r/h fork cartridge!

    Upgraded your suspension? I'd love to buy your leftover r/h fork cartridge. Please PM me if you have one you'd like to sell.
  8. highlander

    Deepest Aberdeenshire

    'morning from the Shire! picked up a 2015 with ABS, 2k miles last week and I'm one 100 mile ride into ownership. This is the most modern bike I've owned by a good ten years or more, and it shows - what a motor! Need to get fuelling sorted either by sending ECU away for reflash maybe here...
  9. B

    Hyperpro progressive fork springs

    Getting tired of the front end dive under braking. Does anyone have any experience of progressive fork springs with the stock shock? Would I be better off getting stronger linear springs? I realize new cartridges and shock are the ultimate fix but if I can just reduce the brake dive I will be...
  10. B

    Brand new ohlins springs/20mm fork revalve kit

    ohlins springs/ fork revalve kit *PRICE DROP* brand new 90nm ohlins springs £85.00 brand new 20mm fork revalve kit £85.00 (all three for £150.00 ) brand new led indicators £30.00 springs and fork revalve kit bought from gp suspension usa,these make a significant difference to the handling...
  11. B

    brand new zx10r shock/ohlins springs/20mm fork revalve kit /+ more

    brand new zx10r shock (now sold) brand new ohlins springs £85 brand new gp suspension 20mm fork revalve kit £85 brand new 02 controller by kev £50 ( now sold ) brand new led indicators from china £30 ohlins and 20mm fork revalve kit from gp suspension usa have receipts for all above if all items...
  12. derek28862

    standard parts

    what is everyone doing with there standard front fork internals,rear shock etc,?
  13. MT09-LOZ

    Fork Seal Failure Again !!

    Well bike just out of the garage for the new season and 100 miles more on the clock since the right hand fork seal started leaking and they were both replaced by the dealer. Blow me the right hand seal id leaking again. :( Must be a fault with the fork itself to damage two seals so quickly...
  14. D

    Fork cartridge

    Want right hand fork for mt09 64 none abs.cheers.dave
  15. abe57

    Steering Stabilizer

    I did a different spin on this .. Fabricated a bracket out of aluminum , And the damper is ebay and so is the 52mm fork clamp...
  16. B

    Which fork springs

    I have just ordered the 20mm fork valving kit from gp suspension ,gonna change fork springs as well local shop to me do ohlins springs that are a std fit 9.00nmm,guys in gp suspension do springs they are there own custom brand has anyone used them or would they be just the same as ohlins just...
  17. Locksmith

    Fork Oil ?

    Acquired some ohlins fork springs off of a member. Ohlins recommend their 01309 oil which is 19 centistoke at 40 degrees (WTF?) Now that's not readily available and no doubt will cost a fortune so what SAE fork oil should I use? I'm guessing 5 or 10W ?
  18. Kinjane

    Fork Cartridges

    Anyone here have the Andreani MT-09 fork kit fitted? Apparently designed from scratch specifically for the '09 ! Kit fourche Andreani Yamaha MT-09 - Essai - L'é
  19. G

    Suspension Components

    Hi, I have for sale a rear shock and front fork inserts and springs only done 1000 miles. Get in touch if interested Gary 07802606730
  20. S

    Stevie5050 matt grey MT

    Had my MT since April, always had sports bikes previously, but getting too old for the riding position now. The Mt ticked all my boxes when announced so far impressed with the motor and looks, but the suspension is a bit Iffy... I am looking at fitting a ZX6R rear shock and some Maxton fork...